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Larry tell us more about these accounts. Well, their account by bad actor if we don't know for sure who the bad actors were. There is speculation that it could be Russia because some of their activity with similar to what they observed with the IRA the internet research agency, which that Russian hacking group that we dealt with in the two thousand sixteen election. But there are some differences, but they certainly suspect Russia could be behind the attempts that what we're seeing essentially is a likely attack against our two thousand eighteen election and like in two thousand sixteen, a lot of it has to do with dividing people. There isn't a single ideology that's being proposed here there's a left leaning information being promulgated and there the right-leaning information being promulgated the purpose not to persuade us to the left or the right, but to get us to fight amongst each other. Larry is the technology improving that will allow Facebook to screen these things out. The answer is definitely yes. But. They make a very big point that technology by the bad guy improving well. So they're much better at hiding their track using VPN and making sure they're paying an American or Canadian dollar and looking at if they're here in the United States. On the other hand, Facebook hardened its defenses. And that's one of the reasons they believe that the bad actors have made their kind of up their game as well learns at Facebook specify about how they I. They identified these sites. I mean, was it? Yeah. Copy that looked really off base was an algorithm. I mean, how did they find him in great detail? They've actually a blog post called, how much can we could company know about who's behind cyber threats? And they go into detail, they work with nonprofit partner of around the world. They look for suspicious activity. They had both Uman and artificial intelligence software at it. So if you're interested, go to the newsroom dot f. dot com, and you can read this very long blog post that goes into.

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