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But the purpose is the same. But I'll tell you this when the watch came at. I got there the cheapest possible and I accepted did the fact that it was going to be the cheapest possible band. I still didn't think I was very likely to change them. And then I got it and I actually think that the basic bandaged pretty good but I was caretakers. Zero slice bans. Yeah Yeah but I was given a meth along As a President I laid to bought another one and now I think I got three agreed. I swapped between the one that I've given away to Angela. The wraparound thing because actually her wrists a very small. That's the phrase thank you. She was genuine devoting all of this movement that apple's Peyton talks about but to excess watch would be sliding practically and now it's solved lived with us on all. It cost me that price series for work last year was that Yeah Nice. So the the reason season that you'd want to do this and Appalachians out in their patent as well is first of all comfort because the swells and the band becomes too tight. It is exceedingly uncomfortable. Uncomfortable and the Some people don't like a wash. That's too loose. I I personally do like my watch to be a little loose but many people don't and so having it it'd be comfortably. Right is a goal. The other thing at throughout all the time of the day the other thing is that you want the sensors on the back to be in contact packed with skin. That's one of the things that was one of the injuring constraints. was that you know people like to wear their watch a little loose. Sometimes how are you going to be able to get accurate censor reading when it's not. Ideally really tightened the whole time and the threw their hands up and sign. Insisted they get it right the An and this also is the same thing with the watch crown a little bit. You know you were talking about how it was flat instead of being proud of the surface so people tend to wear the the watch with the crown facing down towards their fingertips. And when when you do that and then flex your wrist you end up with the Crown Jabbing your hand jabbing the top of your hand and You don't see it so much with Apple Watch but with traditional wristwatches there are people who actually have little marks on the top of their hand where the crown answer. It's the top of their hand and having a flat crown. That's just a touch. Surface means that that goes away as constrained straight as well becomes also more comfortable so this these are both interesting. Tolerance is certain that I never noticed that as a central problem so Another thing solved moved before I even noticed it. Oh well truth I'm done the as just a Peyton but the answer is probably as its way that's already solved isn't it it's happening. It's like all of my articles right. I've already thought of the lead. Therefore the whole thing's already written in my head for some reason you're you make. The jet reminds me I used to work with Michael half-page Horton on how cool that. Because he would never write the number of words he was supposed to until enough. He went freelance. Then Oh yes he delivered to schedule a normal length just popped into my head but she put it there and I'm I mean remember the guy's name I hope I don't have such nicknames. Sorry that was like I'm telling you I have no idea okay. Okay yeah so anyway. In this New Year there are a number of things that aren't GonNa follow us into the New Year right. Yeah yeah like being in the European Union. Yes being in the European Union Game of thrones chicken chicken sandwich shortages But what never mind it wasn't that was the two thousand nineteen. Don't worry about it. Okay Ah yes. But also my old wireless plan and Insane Monthly Cell Phone Bill. That's over it is start with a cheering. Was If you know why it's over it's over because mobile would would admit labeled it here. They cut the bill down to fifteen dollars a month. But did you do too many mobile to make them do well. It involves a very dark room and interrogation and a single lamp without a lamp shade in a bulb overhead very bright bulb so typical Saturday. Pretty much no actually really it was really simple. It was it was pretty much the easiest decision you'll ever make so instead of paying ridiculous ridiculous bill like seriously absurd can fifteen dollars a month and every every one of their plans comes with unlimited nationwide talk and text and for G. L. T.. and You bring your own phone along and you keep all your saying you keep saying phone number or keep all your existing in contacts..

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