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Eleven fourteen check the forecast, here's Seth Wayne. Once again, still remaining quite Stompie across much of western Washington. Keep in mind that we are dealing with that rain snow mix. It's quite slippery sloppy out there with high temperatures in the upper thirties to about forty likely going for. About an inch or two of snow in some of our outlying areas. In the meantime, we're going cloudy at times tonight. We're also looking at a quiet one tomorrow and forecasting mostly cloudy, one either with the chance of wintry weather back again for the end of the week. I'm Seth Wayne in the KOMO weather center. Still thirty four and still a little mix of rain and snow in downtown Seattle. It's six snow continued to pile up this morning across southeast King County. Many drivers struggled through maple valley where freezing rain was another issue. Brayden was heading for Renton. He wasn't sure what his short dry would be like actually heard makes things one. My mom told me that it was an ice. She and my coworker who is just driving from Claude to Renton said that it wasn't that bad. So I really don't know what to expect the road maintenance crews had cleared and sanded one 169 just yesterday, but the overnight and early morning so fall turn it back into a white sheet of compact snow and ice this morning. Still homeless county road crews working twelve hour shifts over the last nine days Steve food was to Amish county public works. The nice thing about it is they can just look out their window and see why we're doing. This morale is actually really good. They have done a great job. We we work with a great group of men and women the weather is expected to gradually warm up as the week goes on. So he thinks crews may get a break from their twelve hour shifts by the end of the week people to the north end are getting sick of shoveling snow over and over and caught up with one man in Burlington who shovel the parking lot of the cavalry Baptist church twice yesterday alone because the parking lot becomes unusable. When we when we pack it down with tires. Vice during the winter storms over the last week state troopers in the north sound say they've responded to nearly five hundred crashes. Komo skelly Cooperman's travelers bracing for another day of flight delays and possible cancellations at seatac airport. More than five hundred flights were canceled yesterday. Seatac brought him private contractors to help with all the snow removal for many commuters. Today's been the most difficult of this winter storm week a lot of people ride a bus instead of driving the buses sell the encounter problems as well. Jeff Sweitzer with King County metro buses handled a felony is just about is any as well as any of the drivers out there quick. But we have pros out there who really try to keep people moving smoothly and safely only operating about sixty seven of our core..

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