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Of course, Paul just passed away earlier this year, I believe and he was able to spend a lot of money on his program here after he passed away they scaled back a little bit in terms of their plans. But right now, it looks like they're gonna use this monstrous airplane too. Lift rockets up to perhaps about thirty five thousand feet and launched them from there and just to come to describe this looks like it's a twin fuselage with two fuselages separated by considerable distance a fairly unique airport to all the taxi are gonna be extremely large. They've got a custom hanger for this which is cut out because not only is the wing really long, but you have twin tails is well, which took up fairly high. And then it's got a total of six seven, forty seven engines three on each side outside of the two fuselage's. So it made its first flight in the past week. There's video vailable of that. And it looks pretty spectacular. I guess it holds the promise of lowering the cost of launching satellites in the space. You know, what I love about this aircraft? The most is that when you look at it as you can't haven't seen a picture of it yet. You just imagine an aunt and off to twenty-five that mated with a f eighty two twin Mustang. And you get this aircraft. Yeah. They flew this for two and a half hours over the Mojave desert up to seventeen thousand feet altitude for this for this test hundred eighty nine miles an hour speed. And I think most comments after first flight seemed to be nothing but positive maybe that's the case. Always I don't know. But same here, apparently, the the aircraft performed well, the straddle launch performed well, it was it was I think it was built by scaled composites. And I mean, those people know composites, and they know interesting aircraft designs, but Maxine I mean, you mentioned the the distance between the two fuselages. And I think that's so that they can suspend whatever vehicle or rockets, or whatever they are. Taking up to two to in order to to launch and give it quite a capacity. I think as I recall seeing has like five hundred thousand or maybe fifty five or maybe five hundred fifty thousand pound payload capacity, the separation between those two fuselages. I mean, it just looks kind of fragile in a way, you know, what I mean, it's pretty strong looks like it's what that has got to be close to eighty feet between the two fuselage. I was thinking about the earlier discussion here. Do you think? This might David be good ground attack vehicle all organs. We get up on that thing. Yeah. If you want a sitting target. Well. Yeah. No. I mean, it's just amazing. The amount of lift capability has originally believe it or not this is not a new idea. Would you believe this aircraft is pretty much based on a design on the original? What was going to be the space shuttle transporter, which was to C fives mated together with the center section engine Louis, but that was where the space shuttle was going to hang that was the original before they went with seven four seven, and then we can always go back to World War, Two Germany, and this kind of concept of having a long range aircraft with a nother aircraft slum between in between. It was one way that the Germans were planning to attack New York, which was going to have midway over the Atlantic. Ville larger aircraft was going to separate the smaller bomber and the smaller bomber was going to attack New York. Interesting. All right. Well, we've got a bunch of other stories in we're we're kinda using up our time..

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