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E e colorado can't say that like yeah they got a bunch but i mean you you know if we look three d three years online nobody's playing for years stating get shed right but in terms of like once i mean i remember we were jointly talk that it was rumored that sacic wanted to get a player to help you know the avalanche right now and like he wasn't willing to china settle for like a future type thing whereas now i mean that's pretty much i think what he had to do if you defend appointed to trade him it it certainly wasn't going to be you know a guy that was really going to be impactful i think teams that are getting duchenne don't want to go up someone there obviously get them because they think they have a chance to make a make a good run but ottawa's now all was now really dangerous the funny thing that i thought about the the entire trade was that the predators kinda were given you know the ability or you know terrorists and his agent were given the ability to do an extension before all went down i mean once wants tour is his name was made public the gm in auto jim an auto was furious kazan ovocytes just went once the guys playing for you in noses names out there it's just changes everything so once that happens i think it probably got everything rolling in a way that like now we got almost do this has to do but in the end it's like it right now i do like where everyone looks i mean i think i feel like terse is getting kinda underrated and all this duchenne is a great player but people act like tourists like isn't you know he has times when he's dominant he's a great player like he he makes in in a national mix in other big deal where they you know they end up given here's what here's what's crazy about big do a big deal they if you drafted and and eusko correctly newlook at a national history that all these defense right they just they're so good at picking demon well now the of this samuel girard who was a big part of the deal who looks like he's going to be fantastic offense of skating player but.

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