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Good to hear from you try got brooke i'm payton back here again in california brooke what's going on we'll ball paid more day doing brooks actually had a job interview right now sure about that because she liver she's at arkansas fan and that is correct all also world sues so she's still down down her traps and i get out anyway while do a map ahead you on hold that mic bokke dude or whatever his name is talking about the ucf program i have to like i told you i went back home for christmas break to go to the to play game i mean it's play bowl auburn ucf obviously didn't turn out how liked it but the worse i mean we can we can look back at that game compare that to how you know alabama played ohio state will they didn't they didn't want to be there just like auburn it want to be in that full game so we didn't show up we had a banged up carry on johnson and and like i understand kids builds a great quarterback but let me read off their their their current members their conference until me hell over alabama would finish every year with this giul university of tosa to lane temple so the mess this university south florida east carolina university this an atty and even the mighty wichita state listen i could probably give you thirty schools that could win that conference schedule so so why is it that they claim an ass faith ship just because they went on to see i mean all went undefeated and in two thousand four you listen listen paid they came up with an idea and the more people like me and kirk herbstreit and others this them the more fuel they got in the end i'll blame myself as much as anyone because i took i took her crack at them on a on a birmingham radio show and that they use that line i don't mind them having fun with a my objection with their fans where they took it beyond beyond common sense and i'm not going to get into it because we've already discussed it but carry their heads like they they lost their minds but that's okay i don't care anymore they're not really in my in my in my precinct so to speak so might bianchi can have fun with them in orlando and i'll talk about alabama and auburn and texas saying in florida schools matter i do have worked questions i just saw the video of obviously athletic director green up off to me rock have you had the chance to talk to him or do you know anything i mean i only know that yeah around allen a couple of times and i think he's an outstanding leader and and i think he'll do a really good job met him i've met his whole family probably i we interview him today was hired i've probably been around him two or three maybe three or four other times and i think auburn is in really good shape with him would you would you would you agree or disagree that like it could be it could be stated i mean you think about in this day and age of you know everybody gets butler over social media and words in this politically it will live livid do you think that we hired ellen greene directly based on the skin colour and if so how great of decision is that to have the first african american athlete from this see would you see that as a recruiting advantage you know maybe the board trustees room they were thinking hey maybe recruit to see this and that would would attract more you know minority i'm pretty sure damon evans georgia was ahead of him in that but but i am i may have forgotten someone but well let me say this i don't think people look at him in that regard although i do think it's significant that he addressed that in his opening statement and i think he was incredibly eloquent about that but but i think the president leash hired him because he he felt he had the credentials in the leadership capabilities that were that were necessary but but i but i'm a believer though you can't yeah you can't you can't run away from that though i mean this is it's a reality of our times i remember when when sly croom was selected fourteen years ago at mississippi state i think you have to.

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