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Someone aren't side of the announce table break down? Yes To Hell in the Cell. Yes. Predict a match that hasn't been announced yet. Seth vs Cesaro that's what I have. That's a good one but they'll just throw that in there. I don't know. Yeah sure either RK bro versus new day. All right. Again yeah sure. What's the Opening match? WWE title. Interesting. That Smackdown women's they've done that before. I also have Smackdown. Women's what's the main event Roman Reigns versus Rey? I have Lashley Andrew. Yeah, not going Roman Reigns versus Rey and lock of the century. Roman Reigns, Roman Reigns. Our our friendly should we do offer like the I like that idea. Yeah really do what how what you said Survivor? So if I put Roman last man's next pay-per-view I can't put Roman. Yeah but in when I'm soon as I'm wrong I can clears right? Yeah. I'll I guess I kind of liked it enough to keep track of that shit but I like it. Yeah, that'll be fun. All right well make sure you subscribe to our podcast. Give us a five star review. Check out our official website. What's wrong with wrestling com? Like the show on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram at wrong wrestling. Get a t-shirt at What's wrong with wrestling 1999 and become a supporter of the show at Birth? Rihanna, what's wrong with wrestling? Of course, we have the Hell in a Cell recap. This Sunday. We're, I will become Andy, two belts, once again. So You're Gonna Wanna soon in for that area, you know, belt. Eric off. I'm going to beat you so bad. I'm going to be able to take the NXT title back. Oh, is that right? Yes. I don't even think that's possible. Meet you so bad. You're going to wish. I ain't beat you so bad. Wow. Well these are just incredible. Horrible in Chrome. Install time was decent. Eric ended. Their you're welcome. See you? See you in hell and in. See you at how ya a dent in? It's like a double whammy..

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