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We use took about twenty. We can't get the TETON anymore. We bought a ready for this Scott when I first set up to it when we first step video which was in the In the brick house we bought thirty five of them. Wow Green cameras travesty or left John are all not all thirty five thirty three. We're using it right now. What I'm on right now is the old vic is that's pretty funny and you know we see and it's so funny because we've been totally eclipsed we had mark branly on a couple of weeks ago and he's shooting everything on reds editing on four or five. Mac PROS THE NEW ONES. The ones that start at six thousand dollars with. Xt Artists plays. He even has wheels and an monitor stands. That's how well he's doing and The Times have changed quite quite apparent. I'm still funny that you're shooting your movies and the same camera that we're doing it on. That's yeah and I did though I just bought a Mark. Four five cannon. Yeah shoot video and gets to my next project. I'm hoping to show what I think is the most underrated state for beauty in America Nevada. The Vada you think of you know Vegas and area fifty one but you think in the northern two thirds so I got. That's about thirty five hundred bucks. Maybe get some tests. The video looks is sharper than than the Vecsey out but Yeah so another old timer is actually in this in the Chat Room Karston Bondi. Who produces this show? He's producing it home these days. He can't come in to the studio. That's that's no one can accept me but Karston was also one of the people who went to La with Kevin and Robert and stayed with them until two thousand five state with G. Four TV he says Mark Devito. He misses Mark Veto. Most of all the TV folks. He had the dirtiest mouth of anyone. I've ever met saying something given some of the people we worked. There were some pretty foul mouth. Scott it's really nice to see you. I ran into Scott when I came back to facebook. And it's the only good thing that's happened to me in two weeks on facebook but it was great to see it's got goes. Is this you really? And then he says all right prove its you? What did I used to yell during the tapings of Internet tonight and I had no idea so I so I do remember you yelling foul obscenities every time you busted to take which is pretty much every time Scott didn't remember that that's the funny thing Carson remembers the lowest shouting then. I actually had to ask you like okay. Name three executives Ted and that gives you meant driven. Yeah I knew it was you. I I mentioned appear Hammersley Greg Driven and whoever could forget the weirdest CEO? I've ever worked for? Larry Weinberg Yeah. Wow that's good teams. A nice guy driven once once told me that Larry Weinberg came up and said you know. Leo's not bad looking into.

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