The House, President Trump, Senate discussed on The Sean Hannity Show


The house and senate and i have some friends and in dc a lot of people and and i'll give you some examples i mean that behind closed doors there are some house members there are some senate members that actually trash the president and openly speak that they don't want him to succeed have you ever heard of anybody that you know of in the senate in the house the toxins way you know i think it's actually less so i think the president's gathering more and more support among republicans over time and i think for example not everybody agrees with every fame and copresident make but i think of him the good i mean the feeling of getting a supreme court justice like corset that comes along once in a lifetime if you're lucky and that is a huge huge deal repealing sixty billion dollars worth of regulations in the first month so for all of our disagreements on obamacare which are deeply disappointing kamei to and we got gorsuch and then we got regulatory repeal and that the president put horta real tax cut i mean these are all good had the holy grail the conservative and looking for for a long time we've got a cabinet that more conservative than ronald reagan so vermont conservative point of view i tell people look the president has exceeded my expectations house your relationship now with the president and how involved see in all that's going on in the senate over health care you know very involved are probably talked to him a half a dozen times in the last three weeks and his implement on the process i think was helpful uh both influence with talking to individual members like myself but then also relaying the message back a leaderhip that if you want paul's vote you're going to have to negotiate with them and so i think it been helpful to have him involved in it he understands that he and i don't always agree and that i have an independent viewpoint but i also want to support republican president i want to support the trump presidency and cried too whenever we agree in but i think he also understand strength of character in.

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