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Oh god power chrysler compel you that just right there that alone is just listening to that you learn i love that great cast great book all of it ellen birds than max van snyder anytime access inside us in movement lee jakub kitty win jack mcgowan jason miller linda blair i spoke to linda blair few years ago she did some cool she let the voicemail verve furthest thing for the spca she's began of a person where chat and she said that which is a kid growing a lot of her friends parents didn't like her hanging out with the kids because they couldn't get past the fact that she was reagan from the exorcist which is something about that but what most people don't know is it's based on a true story 1949 a young boy was said to have been possess not by demons by the devil himself twenty six people from the catholic church participated over a long period of time not a few days but weeks and months an extra schism of that was as many people say absolutely beyond terrify the envoy still lives this day does not talk about it but much of what you see in the movie is very real the fact that he spoke several languages even though we did know way lots of weird little things but the exorcist itself was just terrifying movie even to this day watching it and listening to linda blair it is just you know the the voices they used in the way they did it and just all of it in the in the atmosphere itself is it so surreal and and yet at the same time even though it's 1970s was seventy four on the thing and 73 it it it still holds itself up as a great modern movie why i love it so is it this is where i fell in love in a weird way with horror movies my parents being solid parents at the time making nothing but phenomenal decisions although i really can't blame them took me to a drivein movie now.

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