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And today we got one that said. What are your strengths that he brings to the marriage. Now's like i don't even know. But i sure now all of my weaknesses i bring in and i do. I know i am so keenly aware of all of my weaknesses personally professionally in our marriage as a mother. I have many many many of them. That will probably never fully master in this life. But i want to try. I really do with all my heart. Want to show up. And try. And i think that's where it's at. I think that's where heavenly father kim bless you. The most is even if you can't run the marathon if you just show up in your like can put on my shoes and i might get to the five k. Even though other people are running the marathon. i'm here running. I'm trying terrible analogy. Because i hate running and running right. That's thinking makes sense. I personally i feel like a depending on the time of my life have been on one side or the other of the spectrum of basically being like maybe where i wasn't doing things that we're aligned with the gospel principles and i knew it. You know it wasn't anything that i was you know. There's no surprise there. That maybe i was a little too far on the like you know justification side of things or rationalizing justifying or kind of like. Is it really like that. Like do i really need to be that level of it where i've been too far off and then i think i think other times who are like i've been overly self-righteous or judgmental of others or depending on situations where i've kind of looked at things in been too much on the so i i don't know. I think that there is a balance to me. Maintain but one thing that is unchanging. This is what i love about. The gospel in general is eternal principle. Eternal principles in your journal. Truce like they don't change at all. They are eternal which is why the bible and book of mormon for our belief to is timeless. It's not like every year it needs. An update is out of date. Now we gotta come out with an of commandments. The new you new. Let's throw everything else out. And and this is the ran. I think that there's expansion. As we learn and grow show on the the commandment further understand things things are further revealed. That's well about having a prophet is that we can receive further revelation additional revelation but still those principles and those eternal truths remain the same and they are unchanging and. I think that we can run into problems. I i run into problems when when there's a question about one of those or maybe maybe i will pick and choose what i'm going to completely follow ear You know can be a little dicey dicey right. And that's kind of what president nelson said minute ago and that i read one of my very favorite things to highlight into read into find the book of mormon as i read it every day. Is the phrase if you keep the commandments prosper in the land. And it's just it's so simple and it's in there over and over. I wish i had the exact count of how many times one of these times. I'm going to need how to get that count. But it seriously feels like it's in their hundreds of times if he keeps. The commandments will prosper in the land. It's like passed down from one profit to another to another and repeated over and over because it's true because it works because it's real and i have seen that in our lives. I feel like when people ask me. Oh where did you get your success. Or how did you you know. Or i've even had family members or people ask me. What do you think made your blog successful when others haven't been as or whatever i every time i'm like i believe it's because we have made the gospel the priority in her life and i read the book of mormon every day and i try to make that guide book i really tried to just follow the principles in there and this is not to say i show up and do it perfectly every day but i just try i tr- i opened that up. I read it. And i try to powder in my life after what is taught in there and that is one of the guiding principles over and over in the book of mormon. You keep the commandments. You prospering land. And i really really believe that that it wouldn't be written that plainly and simply over and over unless it was completely true and i love how in the book of mormon to the profits in there. Do not shy away from saying you need to be obedient. You need to keep the commandments. If you do you'll be really happy happened. happy happy. And if not you're gonna struggle. I mean you can see it with your kids to right like you can see when they do what they need to be doing like you know piano lessons without a ball she practices. She has a great week when her teacher shows up when she doesn't practice and she barely tries to scramble and get it together five minutes before her teachers showing up. She doesn't have as good of lesson. And that's just a principle of like you show up and you do the work and you get rewarded or you don't and i think that it's even more simple. If we believe that. God is god and he can see offerings and he created this world and he created all of this for us. Why wouldn't we trust him to give us the guidebook. Give us the rules. Give us the cheat sheet for happiness. And then just say okay. I'm gonna do my very best to follow this. Because i know if i do that. You're going to keep your promise to me that you pour out these blessings to me and that there won't be room enough to receive them. So lastly i just. I want to touch on i. I'll ask you this. Neil what do you think your advice would be to someone who is listening to this and thinking okay. I know. I want to get more on board but i don't even know where to start. Maybe feel to lost too far gone. They've gone to too far off the deep end or they just are struggling to you. Believe in god or to have faith and.

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