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To Ukrainian government is historically an organically corrupt and vice president a rather president Obama place vice president in charge of the farm fairs and two countries Ukraine and China and in both cases in both cases Mister hunter Biden his son walked away with millions and in some cases billions of dollars of contracts now you know the message that was sent to the rest of the world American foreign policy can be like a sack of potatoes that was senator Kennedy and a god it peak to any because these interest any idea because of the microphone because we're in an interview still you leading all the way back you lost concentration I'm good so that that is I mean that brings over there is no way will play that is because there is a legitimate chance not a political it's not a political thing but if you do want to have witnesses that is a legitimate reason to say that you like to see hunter Biden absolutely well you know there are Democrats say Joe Manchin who says that they should absolutely if we're gonna have a trial and nobody cares that it's going to go on for number weeks then yes the president's entitled to make his defense and Adam Schiff is the one who suggested from the very first day in the very first hearing that the president asked Ukraine to make up dirt at that is to fabricate a case out of whole cloth against the bidens with the with the Democrats opening that door the president is absolutely entitled to show he didn't ask them to make up anything he wanted an examination of what they actually did which cried out to be investigated yeah and and we'll see where that goes now hunter Biden takes the stand in the scenario where we find out Friday you'll be on the air the door is gonna be witnesses is there a deal could be cut that we just see Bolton do you think we're gonna would do that in an effort to if they request noble witnesses after Bolden he says I will give any witnesses at all that be deal a blow Makana would cut I look I think Brian that if the price tag on that was you get Bolton but then Friday or Saturday we vote and this is all over and the president can run around the country saying he was exonerated I would take that to heart he would take it okay so if Bolden goes and whatever he says and hunter Biden goes what would stop either one of them from not not bold because he says he was transferred from taking the fifth nothing if you have a if you have fifty member privilege you know ball is their Fifth Amendment privilege if you have or see your your incriminated sure yeah I'm a eat any American it doesn't matter about being on the road if you're asked a question by the authorities where it could provide evidence of be a link in a chain of of incrimination of you yes you can take the fifth just a prediction as we are set to go after these two days and Friday the where we gonna be a Friday what you expected to happen I expect Friday were is going to be consumed with debate over witnesses unless we unless a deal was struck in the next couple of days and I still don't think a deal is unattainable Brian I think the I think that it's obvious it's there on the table I just need to grow up okay I I have a prediction without a bomb shell without a bomb shell no witnesses were done Friday I'll because humor.

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