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Uh comedy director judd appetito and others are calling out quentin tarantino for not standing up to harvey weinstein and basically making him out to be sort of a accomplice of everything that that that weinstein dead adjust get chastain taking to the twitter and other things and her just get chess themes her issue with guarantee know or or others is like in killed bill you must servants character is a assassin but um it's only after she's brutally beaten and raped and then she recovers catch you become a super woman and uh and so jessica chastain eight apparently missed the entire point of killed bill where where room a thorough and was a superwoman assassin before she was a shot and left for dead and and bounce back but uh anyway maybe jessica came in halfway through the movie i'm not i'm not sure it is available for rental jumanji is back number two number probably number one on super bowl weekend for movies believe it or not a lotta people go see movies and sunday instead of see the super bowl but do whenever jumanji welcome to the jungle has according to hollywood reporter scored another touchdown see what they did they're reclaiming the number one spot in its seventh outing seventh week it's the first time since titanic that a movie released in december has won the weekend in february so whatever grossen of million this number two movie was maize runner the death here and i don't.

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