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Listen and subscribe on the iheartradio app at apple podcasts or wherever you listen to podcasts. Here's where it gets crazy. It's true fellow conspiracy. Realist in recent years. Various groups have claimed pyramids created by some unknown civilization. Can be found in both Alaska and Antarctica. Now, we've explored the Antarctica theory briefly before yes, we have and but before even get into that. Let's let's establish here. Just the concept of general belief in how humanity began in the fertile crescent in, in parts of Africa, tires Euphrates, exactly we're, we're the rivers were where the water was where the the land, again was fertile. And people could survive ease more easily. Let's say even though life was a struggle of, and then humanity spread out from there going to all corners of the earth over over the. Of time. Right. So when you introduce an idea that, perhaps, there's an even older version of humanity that existed in some other part of the world. That's, that's why it's such a controversial idea, because it goes against the basic understandings that are that are generally accepted. I see that's a good point, because, you know, the most popular theory for human human arrival on north and South America's, we call them today is the crossing the Bering strait via the Bering land bridge, which was about twenty thousand years ago. I think so the issue with that is for, for instance, there's a twenty eight thousand year old pyramid, Indonesia, the, the issue with this idea of appear in Alaska is how is one of pure. Resources and time line. Right. Because if you, if you notice a lot of these pyramids, that we've mentioned in other parts of the world are built in more human friendly environments that would I mean so the idea of pyramids being built in these freezing areas seems like something that would turn our understanding of history completely on its head. If this were true. So what about Antarctica? Let's just quick and dirty a we talked about this war jail the other episode. If you have time let's just say in nineteen, you know, ten ish the early nineteen ten's the teens there to some British explorers were hanging out in antitoxin. They were looking around going. This is a pretty desolate barren. I'm not seeing much here until they saw a rock, nice, pointy rock. And they said, hey, let's. This on our map. It's a pyramid. It's the pyramid rock. Pyramid. Great minaly. That's what it is. You know, it was probably some kind of natural formation or from shearing from ice or something, generally, let's say that. That's probably what it was. It isn't necessarily exactly what it was..

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