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Our distribution effort with respect to vaccines and a new poll shows. About half in Massachusetts say they will get a covert vaccine. The Suffolk University survey also finds most believe things will get back to normal sometime next year and seven and 10 people in this state said they approve of Governor Baker's handling of the pandemic Drew Mojo. WBC. Boston's news radio and at 2 32 are also learning about the first person to be vaccinated in Massachusetts 96 year Old World War two veteran In Bedford, Margaret Claessens was given the shot around 12 07 this afternoon at the Edith Norse Rogers Memorial Veterans Hospital. Pleasants was the first of a patient nationwide. To receive the vaccine. According to the Via at 2 32. In about 30 minutes, selectors from Massachusetts will be making the presidential election electoral votes official at the state houses three clocks start time and electoral votes are being cast all around the country. We get more on today's proceedings at the Statehouse with WBC's sherry small a lot more eyes will be on the electoral vote than usual. Secretary of State Bill Galvin says he's never before seen such a contentious electoral college. Close races in 4004 and 2016 never were the rights of voters put at risk because of the post election activity. Massachusetts electors gather at the Statehouse to cast the state's 11 allotted electoral votes with a duty to vote for the state's election winner, Joe Biden. We have to be admiring of some of the very clearly partisan Republicans, who, nevertheless, despite their affiliation, have spoken the truth. They have affirmed the right to the voters in their states, even though force and their choice as Americans, which is Well, I think we should be thinking about today. They were all Americans. We should be admiring them to Sherry, Small WBZ, Boston's news radio and coming up in just a moment. We almost sound like a broken record talking about this, but the talks of a stimulus bill continue. And we could be seeing a bill that could go public tonight on Capitol Hill. More on that just ahead. But first, it is to 33.

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