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Maybe it's because of quarantine or maybe it's just my own tendencies. But I've spent way too much time on twitter lately. Which in my world means? It's been hard to ignore Elon. Musk inbetween tweets about his companies. Tesla and SPACEX you get tweets like cancel canceled culture and minecraft has amazing legs or more significantly on. May Eleventh saying he'd be defying the public health order that had closed one of his factories in California. He tweeted Tesla is restarting production today against Uva County rules. Sometimes he's just playing with people other times. You means it you know. He uses it as a performance. I think is that is what he's doing. That's Cara Swisher the dean of Tech Journalists. She started recode hosts the pivot podcast and she's covered Elon. Musk for a long time. And Cara does not suffer fools we. Yeah I was going to ask you this past weekend. He tweeted take the red pill which is take. The red pill is a line from the Matrix. It means basically wake up and see the truth guests. It's a line from a movie but it's also become popular with the alright alright has grabbed it but before that a lot of techies like that line too but I think he fully knows the all the implications. I think a lot of people get angry because he knows the implications and he still makes a joke anyway. The thing about Elon Musk's tweeting now. Is that it's part joke. Part performance art and part defiance of public health guidelines and it has real stakes his companies and their workers. I ask Herod help me understand what is going on in his brain. Let's separate to lose many Lonzo like let's talk about the many lawns there are. There is the entrepreneur and the risk taker and the creator of things and Tesla no matter what utility llamas. That card is amazing. It's an amazing cards at amazing accomplishment. He's moved the stasis of the car industry into electric vehicles. I think all on his own and they have followed him and so in that way. It's really quite an accomplishment. Then there's the other along along the bad boy which he likes to play too you know with his sort of loud dating his loud tweeting his and everything else. And that's part and parcel to his real focus. Which is he's almost. I've said this religious about wanting to get these cars and saving the planet from Climate Change. He really believes that he does and that sounds grandiose but he really does believe that we are in a in an existential crisis around climate change one of his interest in Mars. So there's lots of levels of depth to this guy at the same time. There's lots of levels of superficiality. That's almost like indulgent and juvenile. And so you have to sort of. It's hard to mesh the two things today on the show with Cara as our guide. That's what we're going to try to do figure out what makes this guy. So willing to be provocative online at play chicken with public health authorities in the middle of a pandemic and what that says about the tech industries unchecked.

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