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My sponsor this week is argh footwear during my teenage years i was obsessed with wearing out boots now i have a slightly different relationship with alex and i'm obsessed with their slippers and also then new springsummer styles alex on just for winter they have extended that iconic comfortable brand interests selection of sneakers sandals flats and boots the spring summit styles owner the dazzling colors of california which is the place i've just been on vacation recently and it was such an amazing weather the soft beach pilots and the bright poppy which is the california state flower make the spring summit shoes a spectacular celebration of all things calafornia you'll probably thinking weather it sounds like auxerre something the to halt to wef osama well these are naturally thermostatic and the sheepskin therefore automatically responds to changes in temperature which is pretty clever there's the california lofa collection which i love at is perfect if you leave an active outdoor lifestyle all of this chap out california is making me won't go back that pretty soon at least for now i can lounge around in my beautiful alex if you want to get some yourself avoid discount visit elk dot com to shop the new springs styles and use the promo code c t r l for ten percent off one of their full priced items all the way through to april the fast thanks for listening and here's the episode hello and welcome back to another episode of control of delete today's gas is shawntel pay she's a director of brand marketing at arrive arrive hotels and restaurants with founded by chris paul day and pita ski who met while working at full seasons hotels mgm resorts in the late 90s john has a six years of experience fixing on social media stress jia marketing ranging from brands to agencies i visited the arrive result in palm springs two chapters chantal in a hotel room and it was just so interesting hearing about her car.

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