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Because I see people jump into stuff after divorce, and after relationship, breakup or someone has died and they're not. They're not well. Right, they're not well. They're still bleeding and nobody's helped them with aftercare. And so I WANNA, help people with aftercare. I have turned my pain into passion. There you go. Term my pain and I. Know This because I've been there I know what that feels like to lay in your bed and go all right God. What do you have for me now because I feel like I'm bleeding out what you do now. And I've helped hundreds and hundreds of men and women go through this over over the years and so I wanna I wanNA serve you. With that so if you check out the live life rich podcast, a lot of those things are gonna be announced. There can check out my website. WWW MARISSA NIELSEN DOT com. You'll be able to find those resources on their 'cause resource center that really does want to serve people. That's the next level of my life is to serve a different way, and so I'm very blessed. Blessed and I'm blessed to be a blessing, so thank you. Thank you for allowing me to to share that information with your audience I appreciate that so much John Thank you absolutely and I can't highly recommend checking all those resources out that Marissa was talking about, but time is short, so we're going to cut through these final four superfast cowboy of the pressure on here. Comes number one is probably the hardest one. Why did God create Marissa to search? To show love to serve and to show love. Mom doesn't get any. It's simple, but profound all right question number two. What are you reading or listening to right now? That's helping you grow. I am listening to a book called principles, and it is a book by the number one hedge fund manager in the world, and it talks about decision making processes, and how helping me grow is I've actually I got this thing. All like highlighted up. It's crazy. I've ripped out pages. Even it's feel about that. I ripped out the pages because I literally, I was like I. got to keep this with the academic. The whole book I the page. Principles for them was how they make decisions, and how one makes a decision based on design algorithm, and really taking businesses to a whole next level of of how do we design that? And so the principals in a decision making process was really the key for why about that book, but the the bigger item for me in this principles book is really looking at about. How do I? Utilize every facet of how I designed to to leverage which leverage just means maximize to maximize that to for the people I come in contact to have highest and.

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