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Too far on a limb to suggest that Hillary Clinton was wrong to transfer those documents and president Trump likely should not have been in possession of those documents. I don't think that's too far of a stretch for a rational person to say. Having said that, I think there's a lot of context missing. Clinton, of course, got blasted for having classified emails on her personal server while she was Secretary of State. We are seeing a disturbing new report from The Pentagon. Reports of sexual assault in the military went up 13% last year, a jump that could be explained in part by the easing of COVID restrictions. Statistics show the army experienced the largest increase up by nearly 26%. At CBS David Martin, those stats are believed to be tied to the end of COVID restrictions on bases. And the FDA has now approved new COVID boosters. Doctor William schaffner says they're coming just in time. I think we're moving from the pandemic to the endemic phase. We're more or less having a truce with the virus as we kind of have with influenza. We need to deal with it on an ongoing basis. He predicts a winter spike in COVID cases. But the shot still need approval from the CDC, a panel will meet tomorrow. The Dallas 280 points today, this is CBS News. The Dell Technologies Labor Day event is here, up to 48% off vostro laptops with 12th gen Intel core processors, upgrade by calling 8 7 7 ask Dell. 8 O 3 August 31st, 81°. Good evening I'm Lisa gill, the top local stories we're falling for you this hour, a child in Montgomery county has suffered serious injuries after being hit by a vehicle that tried to pass a school bus. The public school bus was stopped along walker's choice road near the Lake force mall when the accident happened, Montgomery county police say the bus was dropping students off and had its red flashing lights activated when a driver went around the bus, hitting a 7 year old girl who was trying to cross. She was taken to a hospital with serious injuries, police say the driver did stay on the scene. Melissa Howell WTO P news. More details on the crash on route three O one a dump truck, a smaller truck and a tractor trailer collided in the area of climber drive and Chad's four drive in brandywine right after 2 p.m.. Two people were taken to the hospital, prince George's county fire and EMS says both people are in serious condition, has met teams are on the scene to clean up the roughly 50 gallons of diesel fuel that's built and it's causing significant backups in the area. We'll keep you updated on the 8. Three teens were shot in two different incidents near schools in D.C. today, one in dean would and another just a few miles away in southeast. First a team was shot in the chest on Alabama avenue about a block and a half away from Bart high school. Here's that his condition is stable. D.C. police chief Robert Conti says they're working to make an arrest there. Two miles away here at idea public charter school to teenage boys were shot one in the arm and the other in the stomach came after three students left the school at around 10 a.m.

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