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Adema madam said twenty home runs last year for the out in that fillon role i think he might gain and someone who's a little bit more reliable on that defensive on a field of your can i a quick not to side we went to just to praise them i took the kids at two winner fast this weekend there thing that they do offseason and steven strasbourg talk to my son for five minutes could not have rain i also that's gray was incredible eur he's on call him the hey orchid i'd like to talk with ross did ask i was not my wife was there with them i they don't let me that close to the players and i it he asked my whatever my son who's your favorite player in my son promptly replied brahimi's get out when everyone does he hails they're exactly as i did you see that with cut water in school he looked over son his son was running some some projects that what are you doing his own running report on the greatest quarterback in the history of the nfl tom brady kurt once size hurtful here in my house i can't even during the debate on o'brady's great but i'm not that bottom it there is no debate there is no doubt that yes even in the war now he's in very interesting story going on in the virginia legislature mr tony this is awesome okay so after the vote it looked like republican delegate david yancey had won by ten votes than i had to recreate a recount and then after that look like democrat shelly simon's had one by one vote but then they looked at the votes again and they said you know what one of these votes we're gonna give that to the republicans signal what happened that the republicans i guess appealed one of those that one of the them have been thrown out the jazz have it included yes because if they'd marked both of them but then it checked one out had assignments and against one that ballot had voted for every other republicans it this should clearly be farrah okay judging panel agreed by the way all the judges elected by republicans so now we are in a tie and this will now go to and chris i'm gonna go to divert you of this but essentially.

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