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I'm good. Okay, There you go. 123. And that's it. Covert 19 vaccinations for school staff are underway at Red Mountain High School in Mesa. Katya Ers result is Latino Was there this morning and joins us now live? I feel fine Snow feigned that doesn't hurt at all when it was shot. That's Miguel Flores, a bus driver for Mesa public schools. I spoke to him just after he got his first shot of the maternal vaccine. He calls it his armor. That'll help stop him from getting the coroner virus and taking at home to his family. That's my main problems like kids, my family, not my home, you know, so you don't want to raise them. This is the fourth day Mesa public schools in partnership with Mesa Fire and medical or offering covered 19 vaccines, mainly to school staff. It's also open to first responders and said. You have Mesa employees who are 75 older. Similar vaccination sites will be set up at two other high schools tomorrow and Wednesday with the goal of vaccinating about 900 people over the next three days. Reporting live. I'm Griselda City. No Katya. Our news bring training may be delayed due to covet. 19 Katya ers obtained a letter from the Cactus League executive Director Bridgit Binns Bacher to Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred requesting to the lay the season start. The letter was signed by several valley mayors and the Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian Community president Represent the cities that are home to the 10. Spring training facilities in the state running on covert calls himself a Valley firefighter became a covert 19 patient. Katie ours Alley Ventnor joins us live with his story. 48 year old Dan Val Co. Is a healthy Phoenix firefighter. He contracted the virus while on duty in December. 1st Responders Cove in patients daily. I just had no idea to the extent that's possible of it as a paramedic. He knew what to watch for. So we monitored his oxygen levels on detente. I woke up and there were adding arguably a dangerous level, and it was at that point that I thought, you know what I should probably get ahead of this. So I called my colleagues my mentors, and they said, Yeah, it's probably now is the time to go. He then spent 12 Days in the hospital. He's home now and continues to recover. He hopes to get back to work next month Reporting live. I'm Allie Ventnor, Katya. Our news. Health care workers all across Arizona are taking to the airwaves today to get the message out about protecting yourself from Corona virus. Sherry Sandler is chief nursing officer at Valley Wise Health and Phoenix. She tells Arizona's morning news. She's had both of her vaccine shot. I know there's a lot out there, you know, reactions and whatnot. You know, I had just a little bit of sourness in the arm, a slight head. You know, I know Some people have a few extra symptoms that they're seeing. Dollar says. The more people to get vaccinated, the quicker we'll be able to get back to normal. The White House is negotiating with Congress on another coronavirus relief package, but it has a number of Republicans feeling a little uneasy about including Arizona Congressman David Schweikert, who tells Katie are there is no doubt more relief is needed. You went into a really interesting question of do you get something that actually is targeted? That goes where the need is, or do you do something? That provides huge amounts of taxpayer money to bail out municipalities that have been bad actors around the country. And this current proposal includes $350 billion in new funding for state and local governments, as well as $1400 direct payments to most Americans. Jeremy Foster Katya Our News, New York's governor, with light Fizer to sell its covert 19 vaccine directly to states and bypass the feds to boost supplies. Arizona's health services.

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