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So so that was what would happen there and joe. Can you think of any questions or things that you'll interested in that. I haven't covered because on starting to rob we likely to find a helpful. Barrister a friendly barrister given the we've made an attempt now. Look we were offered help by barristers so this is a good point to rise giant. Because as i said there were two parts to this application one was the the rejection of the let-up by sickly signing things like the had no evidence about belief in siton ahead no evidence of an numbers of membership they the the political origins of the group irrelevant so these are all as a matter of administrative lula. Invalid reasons to mica decision. So what normally happens. Is you in that situation if feel successful if the court says yes. The decision was flawed in its reasoning. The decision guys back to the department and they told them mike this mike the decision again so obviously can't make the same mistakes but they might make some other ones but all quotas is basically send it back to the original decision maker and say we'll let didn't work try again. The other part of the application was a declaration that the news site masai religious them national society and infamy the k. Two that was his hall religious. Saudi argument tempest shot then spent a lot of tournament. So we did get some help from embarrasses. And i'm really grateful for it. But they concentrated on the the the letter and and rejecting the letter and i felt they didn't concentrate enough on the declaration and if i had just relied on this admissions i feel there wasn't nearly enough. Commentary about the declaration. They disagreed with me and said they thought they had. And and what a kind down to that. I was in terms of availability. They the particular basta could not do it to die. he's for start down south and they're in lock dam and but he's also busy so it would have required getting an agenda and then doing stuff by remote distance zoom frankel bicycling and. I just say consulted with people about this. I consulted with barrister in legal friends about this conundrum about do light of is more about if we were to go back to colt You said you felt that you under pressure with the rules. Hav evidence is particularly able absolutely having someone on the side not necessarily to put the case together but to be there to all you absolutely on the spot. Absolutely definitely somebody. Yes in two years time when we get back. Absolutely going to have i- barracks to the not main for sure. But in the current circumstances the ideal barest familiar would have been local. It was i able to do it to die and not adjourn it. And who really liked the society declaration arguments. Because that's the important part to me. And i like the viruses suggested i get an adjustment so that i could be involved. He was going to be really light in proceedings to ask for an jim. I'd receive advice from other barristers deci- if you ask for jim day that's going to be a really bad look and you might not even get it. This is a really light request. So yeah it. Won't i appreciate their advice on the digital review questions. I just wasn't in sync with them on the declaration on i feel a different opinion now a bit affronted the frontal. Jane just disagreed. I sort of said now on..

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