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Are unless you're way out so it's about making better choices all the way around let's kick it off and go with joanne high joanne and a hormone for way oh the age see gene it's amine it's it's a you know for the short term if you want to jumpstart to your system that's kind of what it's designed to do then then it can be a good way to go but for the most part you know you want to make sure that with something like this you got to be doctor monitored in another big of doing the shots there's a homeopathic version of that that works a lot better but it does reset the hypothetical mus and it does work but it's just a matter of getting with some one checking kind of guide you through the process dieticians a really good really up on it but you need have someone that can oversee you in that process in the diet you know the calorie restriction on how much you can eat when he threw can foods and anti inflammatory diet is always the best my opinion you can get more on that at a show dot com website and you can find more than a year that's that's when you have someone monitor you on that and then you've got to get on a good i'm a really good kinda overall game plan so that's what i would in the long term that is to have someone really watch over you in that process okay aaa two eight three seventy two seventy two lines are open questions by health kimiko talk about a whatever struggle with you call now or go to the website of course going to the next level in your health is all about making the right choices and the right decisions let's go now to kathy kathy i get it i now well mind now is very rai in one and what i can do i tried everything and i wanna know what i can do it get echo at it okay well the several these you can do one is with the nails themselves you probably deficient in a mega three fatty acids pretty easy to do as as for eating the right kind.

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