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I'm Scott, SAM's. This is the KRLD morning news. Thank you for being with us this morning. Amanda has the morning off an accused rapist from Baylor is finishing his degree at a North Texas university students at that school, though, want him gone. Here's KRLD's Kristen Wisel students at UT Dallas are petitioning for Jacob Anderson to be kicked off their campus. Anderson is a native of garland and recently attended Baylor where he was a fraternity president he's accused of raping another student in two thousand sixteen Anderson was initially charged with four counts of sexual assault. However, a judge let him plead no contest to a lesser charge. Keeping him out of jail and keeping him off the sex offender registry. Anderson is set to grab. Next week with his degree from UT. Dallas still students are circulating an online petition saying they want him gone because the student body deserves to be protected from sexual predators. Kristen Wisel NewsRadio. Ten eighty KRLD. Dallas police have arrested more people in the string of robberies outside people's homes over the past two weeks. KRLD's Allen scion has the update Dallas police made their first arrest for aggravated robbery yesterday morning, but deputy chief Thomas Castro said they were still investigating. Of course, we're is ongoing. So we're trying to find out who the suspect responsible for another person was arrested for driving a car stolen in a robbery and a third was also arrested on unrelated charges after questioning Dallas police brought to more people in for questioning yesterday afternoon. And now they've both been arrested two one person's been charged with four counts of aggravated robbery. The other has been charged with two counts Dallas has also been working with Carrollton police on a robbery outside a home there. But Carrollton police say they found no sign that case was connected to the robberies in Dallas, Allen scion. Newsradio ten eighty KRLD. Other news this morning. The suspect in two murders in south Dallas has turned himself into police. Eighteen year old Lexington rights rendered at headquarters. He was wanted in connection with the deaths of two people in a neighborhood near I twenty and Lancaster road last Friday police found three people inside a car all of them had been shot. Two of them died. The survivor was able to identify right as the shooter more. Dallas city council member Carolyn king Arnold is going to be returning to city hall. She won the runoff for place for a city council. Fifty nine percent of the vote yesterday. The position has been vacant since Dwaine caraway stepped down after pleading guilty to federal corruption charges. She's finished she she will finish serving Caraway's term that is and then she can run for reelection. In may be a merry Christmas for hundreds of teachers across North Texas after a big donation from.

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