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Money that Stewart's is not subject to appeal and Gary west the owner of maximum security is not having it. He says he's going to take this as far as he can. And he still very upset. I think this is something that's big enough that the entire racing world is looking at this. And I think they deserve an opportunity to really know what was going on. I was shocked and surprised that the stewards Rhoda. A statement was probably prepared by their lawyers and refused literally refused to take a single question from the media. So they've been about as non transparent about this whole thing as anything I've ever seen in my life, and Gary west is basically he's going to court, and he understands that he acknowledged that the legal process may take months if not years this, ladies and gentlemen, is why you become lawyers correctly going to law school while you put in all that time avenue stream till yo no matter who wins you win. No matter what billable hours. It's a beautiful thing. You're amazing part is this is aside from the win for the lawyers. Here we talked to Eddie Olczyk before who said Vissel horse racing talking about this and going into the second two legs of the triple crown. He said having this kind of buzz around the sporting the way it was for those twenty two minutes during that review. Everyone was glued to the situation in a way, that's really hard to replicate. Now, especially since we've had a couple of recent triple crown winner. So the shine off that a little bit after a longer drought. So what did we think of Bob Baffert? I mean about as well known.

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