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And stability in our community. The city will continue to allow protesters to march on sidewalks or in streets if marchers do not obstruct. Hard to read this. Do not obstruct our Do not obstruct pedestrian traffic for any other protest, however. Organizes will be required to obtain a special event permit. Permits will not be granted for protests on private property, whether or not a permit is required. Timepiece and matter, restrictions could result in arrests or issuance of legal psych Asians. Failure to obtain a permit. When required could result in a forfeiture of up to $1000 plus any costs associated with the event such as staff, time barricades, cleanup and more. The wall would toast the common Council and I have heard the calls for change and we have taken them seriously. It is our goal to be a model for meaningful change. In recent weeks, the common Council has banned the use ofthe Of Choke holds in Wauwatosa directed the Wauwatosa Police Department apart purchase body cameras adopted the Metro Milwaukee Association of Commerce pledges to create a more direct diverse workforce and scheduled Implicit bias training for city staff and elected officials. More changes will come and somewhat so that comes to milk Wauwatosa Mayor Dennis McBride, in which they say Look, we've done a lot in our community, but we're not going to tolerate the continued violation of the law are going to require permits for these protests. If you hold up on a sidewalk, and it's peaceful, you can go ahead and do that. We'll even let you go on the street. But not if you're going to be blocking pedestrian or vehicle traffic. And we're not going to allow any kind of permits for protests and private residences, private businesses. In other words, you have to hold them in the proper fashion. Now, this is the standard that almost all protesters from the beginning of time have been held it too. As an example. We have had for many years protests outside of abortion clinics. Most communities allow the protesters to stand on the sidewalk, usually across the street, so they don't impede people coming into her out of the clinics. You don't get to stand inside the property and go into the property and raise hell. And when you have pro lifers have been arrested for doing that. These protests ever since George Floyd all across the United States has just thrown the law's out the window. We throw them out the window in Milwaukee, where people were driving through blocking vehicle traffic. We're driving around in people's yards and so on, because they were mostly peaceful, and I think what Tosa has tolerated this mostly peaceful until it's gotten to the point where they are now mostly not peaceful. So we will see whether or not any of these protesters pushed the envelope. Given the fact that quite a few of them are rather prominent people. Like a member of the Wisconsin State Assembly. Who may have been untruthful in his description of what occurred given the fact. That member of the Wisconsin State Assembly, said Officer MENSA was the person who pulled the trigger on the shotgun a story again that the local media has not followed up on that absurd statement from Bowen that I believe will be proven to be a bald faced lie by a liar member of the State Assembly. At least we're getting some indication from Wauwatosa. That from the top of city government, there is going to be an attempt. To restore some order and decency in that community. None of this would have been necessary if they would have behaved this way from the begetting. As I have been telling you all along. I have said from the beginning caving in Leeds, the more caving in and when people see you cave in, they pushed for more and more and more and more. And the people that are trying to cause trouble in Wauwatosa will not be satisfied until they get everything they want. Right upto on, including shutting down Mayfair. If Wauwatosa is finally beginning to recognize that And if the Rob inviting Heather cool crowd is finally no longer running, while the Tosa That, at the very least, is progress. I said. I had a tribute question, and it's not a pleasant one. We're gonna ask that question in a moment. 5 47 news talk 11 30 W. It's time for rapid traffic from the Lynch mob. Wanna go Total Traffic center. Here's a look at Traffic. 41 Northen slows up Highway 33 to Highway 28 through the roadwork 94 westbound after Johnson Creek and accident that's got the shoulder blocked. 94 Respond is tight now between Holly and 26 41 94. North bound at College Avenue. There's an accident on the exit ramp. If you see any issues, call the Tri City National Bank, your hometown bank. Total traffic tip line it for 14944 51 11. 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