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Preponderance of comments one person did suggest that that was the answers to your certainly onto something but not now here's what i want you to think of the the the beam it the bminus listers mom also famous not for acting she comes from a very very storied family famous mostly for politics so eight is arnold schwarzenegger son who used to date taylor swift ding mingming now being mingming van helps me very interesting okay fill in the blanks okay so we'll go back to feed wind item with blanks vildan why yes that was patrick schwarzenegger of arnold schwarzenegger getting lots of phone numbers for male models at new york fashion week while the woman he calls his girlfriend who by the way his girlfriend's name is abby campiagn didn't seem to care interesting yeah so who now again patrick scharzenegger also used to date allegedly taylor sweat and i will say there are photos of them there's in fact in article patrick schwarzenegger and girlfriend abby champion sit front row of tom ford's first underwear show at new york fashion week so i've eating themes kind obvious to me but hand on the web at your first wind item four today would you like another yasser let's do this time he got one name to figure out in its and fail lists thing or pay it looks like the abuse i wrote about several months ago might finally come to light when the marriage of this alist singer comes to an end she suffered some extreme abuse and i'm still shocked to this day she didn't call the police interest saying hey list singer yeah and so she did we dino did we talk about the extreme abuse that he said that this person okay no he lists singer of.

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