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But defiance alone is not enough as leaders we have all visited too many hospitals unseen too many innocent people murdered in all countries in the last decade hundreds of thousands of being killed by terrorists across the world this is a truly global tragedy that is increasingly touching the lives of whoa this year is the tenth anniversary of the death of the woman who introduced me to my husband and who was known well too many of us in this united nations benazir bhutto was brutally murdered by people who actively rejected the values that all of us here in this united nations stand for in a country that suffered more than most at the hands of terrorists budget for standing up for democracy voted for spousing tolerance and murdered for being a woman when i think of the hundreds of thousands of victims of terrorism in countries across the world i think of that friends that families that communities devastated by this evil and i say enough is enough so of course we must continue to take the fight to these terrorist groups on the back field of the uk will remain at the forefront of this effort also helping to build the capabilities of our alliances and our partners to better take on this challenge and we must also step up our efforts as never before to tackle the tigris use of the internet as the threat from terrorism evolves so must all cooperation on that is wind today for the first time in the un governments and industry through the global internet forum for counterterrorism will be coming together to do just that the tech companies have made significant progress on this issue but we need to go further in foster to reduce the time it takes to remove terrorists content online and to increase significantly that efforts to stop it being uploaded in the first place this is a major step in reclaiming the internet from those who would use it to do his home but ultimately it is not just the terrorists themselves who we need to defeat it is the exchange we ideologies that fuel them it is the ideology is that preach hatred so division and undermine all common humanity we must be far more robust in identifying these ideologies.

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