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Presentations. So yes today. i'm gonna interviews. Bruce langford preuss. Welcome to your own show. Hey it's great to be here. Thanks javy for doing this. This is a really exciting. Well this is kind of fun. And then we're you're interviewing me on my show and actually i don't think i think it's been a two or three years since somebody who's done that so we've been friends for a long time and this is just kind of a fun thing to do and of course purpose in life is one of my big topics as well. So i'm really curious as to how your purpose has do ribbon you as an entrepreneur. Well my purpose has given me laser focus. Because i was so determined to help people who were bullied that i just moved right into that space and then i i use mindfulness to get even more centered and more laser focused. And that's what i help. Other people do is find their purpose by using mindfulness. So let's get down into mindfulness county your specific definition because you know both of us travel and spiritual groups and conscious groups go to different retreats and. There's a lot written on mindfulness today. But how do you define it. Reuss while i define mindfulness as living in the moment thinking in the moment understanding that you know if i'm focusing on the past that that is going to pull me away from my purpose it's gonna pull me away from the focus that i really need to have an if i'm worrying about the future and what might be coming up tomorrow or even in a few minutes then that's pulling me away from the present moment that's pulling me away from being a mindful person so to me being mindful is just living in the moment and also not being judgmental and the one thing i realize is that you know. It's so easy for us. As humans to be judgmental of other people of other situations it is really a natural part of being human. But when i do that. I notice it and i pull myself back from it because i just find that that that judgmental piece is a very important piece of mindfulness to to notice it and then and then stop being so judgmental of others. Because then i'll stop being so judgmental of myself. So that's a big part of mindfulness to me so staying in that present moment and also staying out of judgment. I'm curious win. Was the first time in your life that you started asking this purpose question like why am i here. What am i on the planet to do. The first time was when i was a kid. Actually i was around eleven years old between ten and eleven years old and i started thinking of time i started thinking of time passing and the importance of time and what that really meant. What was that all about. What was that concept of time. And i remember so clearly that i got so involved in thinking about this that i just was in this world of my own and i was in this imaginary world to a lot of times where i would just spend time thinking and spend time Just really reflecting on what certain things meant in the world. And that's one of the reasons why i use the time acronym now i talk about time. And and the important Different aspects of of how time has affected me in my thoughts. About how time passes and time has everything to do with mindfulness. Of course well it does. And i know that you explore your consciousness like idea. I have been in many states. And i've been thinking states by not the united states folks but states of being where i've been in states being the past the present and the future are all merged into any tunnel now and and. I know that you've probably had those kind of experiences. How does that impact your understanding of your own purpose. When you're it away almost meta looking at yourself almost outside of yourself in a way and going. I'm looking at purpose and while we experienced time as as linear that when you're looking at purpose from a non linear place what is it what what's shifts for you in terms of maybe having a deeper understanding of your purpose and and although we haven't talked about your specific purpose yet we're really folks just laying the groundwork of what is purpose in. How do we begin to encounter it for ourselves. Well one of the things that comes to mind is that i i throw my life have had this dream and it's very much like you describe is like leaving my body and i'm rising up and i'm looking down and i'm seeing myself down there on earth but i'm looking at it from from this incredible position way up in the universe and that is what i think gave me the perspective that i'm here for a reason i'm here on this earth for a reason and that is to help other people find their reason. Find their purpose and to use aspects of mindfulness to do that to help them understand how they can do the work how they can reach out to others because with that time acronym the first one that t is about together and i think for too much of my life. I felt like i had to do it myself. And that was a real learning step for me and so i teach other people that hey you can do this together. With other like minded people learn from authors learn from speakers learn from friends surround yourself with like minded people and as you moving on your journey in life you will understand and you will begin to understand more of what your purpose really is from other people who are looking for similar answers to what you're looking for. Well i love that. A collaborative piece right at the beginning. And i'm curious i actually don't know this about you. Are you an only child or did you have brothers and sisters. no. I come from a family of seven. Oh my goodness the other end of the continuum. Because what i was listening to. You say that. I'm an only child. So i actually did have to learn how to do this thing. Called being social. Because i didn't growing up in a really small town there. The joke was either plague. Or you didn't play because there only about seven kids. Within three years of my age we we. We beat each other up one day right. You get that little kid fight. When you're five next to play had to work that out a yes. So what is the second part of your acronym. All the second part is is inner work. You gotta do the inner work you need to you need to write. You need to explore those thoughts. That are running through your mind. You need to give yourself the time and space to really understand what's important in life walk in nature and learn that way and i think a lot of times we don't spend enough time in nature and that will help us get clear on our goal and life's direction and understand what our true purpose is because it's not going to come all at once. Usually sometimes it comes in a flash or bits and pieces of it come in a flash but you really have to do that. Inner work in order to help yourself to notice what these things are so that you can. You can listen to yourself. And like i said a lot of it comes to me through writing so that inner work is incredibly important so yeah the tea is together. The i is inner work. And if i could move onto the am i think that's incredibly important The emma's meditate. Yes so tation. All of these pieces are important. And let's get them all out and then we can look at. What i think is is clear as is and you're discussing it is that there's layers to yes purpose. There's layers to our journey so so we have tv for time but kids together. Yes i used the inner work and a lot of that and.

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