President Trump, Director, Mitch Mcconnell discussed on This Morning with Gordon Deal


Got the spotlight in the Senate John recklessly Republican is the president's victory the next director of national intelligence he was the subject of the first hearings since March whether you're talking about the president whether you're talking about Nancy Pelosi Mitch McConnell anyone's views on what they want the intelligence to be will never impact intelligence that I deliver never independent senator Angus king question reckless will you appear before this committee if the president or an official in the White House tells you not to source for the democratic Senate leader Chuck Schumer says confirming reckless would be a mistake calling him a trump yes ma'am today the Judiciary Committee will hold a confirmation hearing for Justin Walker a DC circuit court of appeals nominee who was once Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's inter now judge the American Bar Association had called Walker not qualified it has since changed that view to say he is Democrats oppose him as too conservative and Democrats are also not happy the Senate has come back in is not focused on more coronavirus economic stimulus with nearly three trillion dollars in corona virus funding approved by Congress Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says it's time for a pause before any additional relief is approved want to measure its effectiveness on virtually a daily basis as we moved forward minority leader Chuck Schumer is pushing for a bill providing additional disclosure requirements for small business loans we all know that a good amount of the money is going where it shouldn't two very wealthy companies public health officials are scheduled to testify for a Senate panel next week Jared Halpern fox news wall street's stock futures are on the rise with the two hundred for.

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