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There could be a few flurries later tomorrow night into Wednesday morning complete AccuWeather forecast is coming up sunny. Thirty four degrees right now at Detroit city airport. WWE news time three oh three do this afternoon. A couple of peers in the Warren court today to be arraigned on murder charges in connection with the drug related death of their eighteen month old daughter, w w j NewsRadio nine fifty Sandra McNeill is live and local with the story for Sandra. Greg Antonio Floyd. And shawnise Barksdale are charged with second degree, murder and other felonies in connection with the Christmas day overdose death of their daughter Ava. The medical examiner ruled that the little girl had ingested a fatal dose of the narcotic sentinel arraigned by video Barksdale asked the judge to explain the charges killing Floyd. Without premeditation or deliberate understand that. Now Floyd has several previous felony convictions. And impact was out on bond awaiting sentencing for Warren, home, invasion, the judge denied bail for both. He and Barksdale reporting live, Sandra McNeill, w w j NewsRadio nine fifty meantime, a stepped up effort to take on the opioid drug crisis in McComb county, WW J NewsRadio nine fifty s. Vicki Thomas has more Warren police Commissioner Bill Dwyer's says the statistics are staggering federal immigration officials seized enough vetnar last year. To kill newly twice the entire population of the United States for him. This war on drugs through the new phantom task force is personal Dwyer lost fifty five year old son in November.

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