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Nightly Salads. I. I happen to have the unlucky enough to quarantine with two other people, so I have an excuse to make a big salad every night and these big salads, and either it all right in front of them, and I take it and I go into my bedroom, and I shut the door and I eat it privately. These big salads. Let's just say they contain any. All of the above or below. Chopped Green cabbage spinach walnuts, walnut consumption has skyrocketed during quite. That's gotta be huge than walnuts are with you. Look up the fucking health benefits of walnuts you're just like. Why? Why am I not these fistful every day? That's gotta be at your so. Okay keep going. Nuts chopped walnuts in the salad. Like this is my new thing. You don't even need croutons. Walnuts are just as good if not better. They are really good in a salad. When I was doing sweet green every day, I always got walnuts, and they were so good in it. I think you are the person I think you got me on the Walnut and a salad train from your side that yes? Yes thank you. You did yeah. And whatever I have in house. Mushrooms tomatoes cucumbers. I'd like a garbage pail salad whatever you have laying around. And I and I do I used to put a lot of garlic onion and the salad I've kind of pulled back off that and maybe I'll put like a little bit of onion if anything. But I'm not missing it I. Get a lot of flavor from, did you? Why did you back on garlic? Yeah, well I. Don't want to put the people in my house on blast, but let's just say. There were some complaints that I was over garlic and onion inning the cooking own, so it was kind of like unanimous vote that I was not a part of that I had to start winning the salads a little bit. Okay now the first time you've had to D- onion. I'm sure and not the last time. Certainly you can imagine my morning breath the morning after having a fifty percent onion salad UNB teeth. Anyway so I! Am this dressing for me? Here's what's key. It has a whole lemon I. don't skimp. A drizzle of olive oil, salt and pepper, and then I personally like to very small drizzle just for flavor and texture and wetness of any kind of delicious dressing, whether it's green, goddess an organic Vegan Caesar. Dressing you so it just gives it just binds it together in very flavorful way. Got Up and then you really keep sorry, keep going, and then just like. I've been eating a lot more fish. You know how I love my canned fish. My sardines like. And I'm eating a lot of neck. You know I've been making a lot of honesty leap. Organic chicken thighs and like cooking with proteins in a way that I don't usually cook and. Bitch eating more. Let's just leave it at that. Will you're the queen of Big Salads and I? Almost I'm like okay. You know what maybe we gotta get. When this episode comes out like, get that glowing up into stories going with some pictures of your salads. Maybe maybe a snap of me with my Yoga. Mat, like like I want visual aids here especially to what you're eating. If at all possible, I know you do it on your stories sometimes, but no salads are okay. You're I'm. Your big salads are almost like. It's like an an unattainable. It's like an Emmy Award, right? It's like wow, that's so cool like, but I'll never have an emmy. Chhaya peabody try to Nobel peace prize, Macarthur Genius Grant. Don't give me A. Daytime Emmy. Shit. You're right. You're hundred right, so that's that's pretty much it. My partner adamant me tape our podcast. Nobody listens to Paula poundstone in a little studio where we can only one instrument for a house band although we want fin a Yak on A. It's a comedy advice. Show experts talk about things we all need to know. We had a mortician explain a better way to die. Urban Chicken farmer told us how to raise poultry in your backyard I casting agent coach man how to get the raw. A constitutional expert explained the bill of Rights. Maybe we can get the White House to listen to that episode. Also an astronaut told us how to astronaut. We have hand puppets for trump and vocabulary words like nugatory find out when nugatory means listen to nobody listens to Paul About Sto-. I feel like we should get to. We we? Kinda got wrap it up here I. Mean You know we have such busy lives to get back to you? But yeah, we haven't Bagman. Excited about this segment e-. Do, you WanNa do you want? US. So Estrin I have. Devised a new segment and we call it sad women in history. And here's the point of the segment. It's part history lesson where we're going to highlight. Put a spotlight on a woman of history. WHO'S COULD BE TRAGIC? She could be a scammer. She could be a disgraced. She could be infamous. You know anything along those lines. We're going to learn about her. And then we're GONNA. Decide through spirited debate whether or not she's an Ester or if she's caroline. That's right. We've decided to highlight our fellow sisterhood and highlight a special woman. Because you know, we're forward thinking feminists, but are we highlighting women that you probably shouldn't know anything about? Yeah, but. It's all. All the name of putting each other down in a gentle but fun way exactly it's taking the time. To talk about women that should be forgotten and using them as an insult for each other. No. We'll learn something. Whether, it's history whether it's scams of your. It's all learning. So Esther, why don't you introduce who's who are we highlighting today? What's her name? So today? We are highlighting the very famous look. People have our generation know about her Her name, the sad woman in history, the first one to get US GOING IS ROSIE RUIZ! Now Rosie Perez is. Famous for. Should, I read this little thing you typed up for shy. Speak from the heart. I can't decide well I. Mean it's up to you. I I. Do a little luck. Do either do what what serves you best. Okay, let's try I've never actually read words so. Professional actress. This Okay Ruis stunned the running world by being the first woman to cross the finish line in Boston in two hours, thirty one minutes and fifty six seconds, so the boss she won the Boston. Marathon which is the most like exclusive marathon it would have been the third fastest time ever recorded by a woman in a marathon, but suspicions about her victory arose immediately, spotters had not seen her at checkpoints along the twenty six mile course and after the race. She told a television interviewer that she had only run one other marathon. We love hurts already, so what we have here is. She won the Boston Marathon, but she can't came out of nowhere right like usually the winners of these marathons. You kind of know like it's GonNa. Be this person or this person, but she one and it was this big surprise. Like Oh my God, who is she? Rosie ries just jumped on the scene with. No one had heard of her. Exactly and Ruiz's victory in Boston was nullified race organizers, their base their decision on about ten thousand photographs taken along the last mile of the race, as well as on information supplied by the news media and observers along the route. In addition at least one witness recalled seeing Ruiz. Enter the course at Kenmore Square about a mile from the finish line..

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