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Mclovin put up the poll question. Are the analytics hurting the game, a lot of tweets here. Paul Severino who's the Marlins play by play guy, weighed in. Strategically, it'd be stupid not to utilize the massive amounts of great information, terms of entertainment, killing it balls, never in play game loaded without lettuces them, rarely do you see it on display. Bob convert? Yes, yes, yes. They made the game boring for fans even die. Hard fans by encouraging a dull style of play, devalued guys who can actually hit pitchers who can actually pitch of taking the job of managing away from managers and put it into the nerds hands. Hey, hey, hey, Bill, dubs, tweets, yes. Analytics are to be input to the coaching staff for decision making purposes as other things during the game analytic shouldn't displace all the other things that help meander through game strategy or eliminate situational hitting. Let's see. Be saw a four, seven analytics are fine. But the danger is they can prevent conic moments like Bucky dent or Kirk. Gibson home runs. Z. Schreiber analytics only work when the odds are spread out over long season doesn't work in a one game or seven game situation. C. j. d. s. p. n. radio, yes, might as well play the games on XBox. I'm sure fans were expecting to see Chris sale in Clayton Kershaw pitch past the fourth inning where they weren't pitching well, but sometimes you'll get. I one of my favorite pitchers of all time is Jack Morris. And you know if you've listened to this show the last fifteen years. I've campaigned for Jack Morris to be in the hall of fame because what Jack Morris did was he would take the ball even if he didn't have great stuff, but he would eat up innings. If he gave up four runs, he didn't care. It was about nine innings. It was about. I'm gonna give you as much as I can give you. I'll take the stress off the bullpen. I'm not afraid of a big moment in Jack Morris was one of those guys. He was the ace for three different teams at one World Series, and he wanted the ball in a big time situation and it wasn't all on a pitch count, or I gave up four runs or get me out of here. I don't have my best off. I don't want to be embarrassed. Jack Morris went out there and said. What do you need me to do? And I'll do my best to give that to. This is from Randy MacLean, be fully not to take advantage of the data and technology that exists today. That said, I still think the best teams would use a blend of analytics and good old fashioned baseball skills since I still think it comes down to to trust my manager in in a, you know, just a gut feeling situation. And there are moments when you hear a manager say, I just had a feeling about him today, whether it's a pitcher, whether it's a pinch hitter, whether it's regular position guy, I had a feeling and that's what I love. Because I think if you like, Joe, Joe Girardi used to have this notebook. I mean, he had the binder that was huge and it was you become robotic and that's what I worry about with the game. Yeah, club. Move the football for a second and Alexei gopher to in that situation where Mike variable and the titans went for two against charges. But I felt like watching it all the momentum said, don't go for two. Why? Because they were. They were winning the second half against the chargers. They were going to win that game. And I thought if you go into overtime, the titans were playing better than the chargers and they were going to win. I know we get caught up into you. Go for two when you go for to..

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