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Batteries, I'll tell you this her finicky random, Iran red tops. My fifty I've ran the yellow tops. I ran them all in the Altima battery is you a shock them every once in a while because her gel and a lot of these counter guys specially I don't want that one place you're talking about because I don't deal with them. I going go through Napa. But did they think it's cool to sell people optimism? I don't understand why you just need a standard battery. You don't need that extra unless you have a bunch of fog lights on the increase. I do dedicated off road vehicle. Oh. On it. Okay. Well, that makes sense now. But but what you need to do is get the Optima charger. They sell a charger. Jags carries them. I think they're hundred and one hundred seventy five dollars. I'm guessing the homemade of that. But they're not ballpark and about once a month, you need a shock it with that. And it's got all these little settings on it. It's all different. You gotta put it on ten AM and on the gel the gel trying to think abbreviation that the G HMO or whatever it is. There's three settings you to charge it with with that type of charger because for some reason the gel charges differently. That makes sense that does make. Keeps happening on the starter. Yeah. You just need a new starter. I would just either, you know, we can have it, right? Start a rebuilt down in Lancaster. Okay. And the guys helped me says he's a he's been doing this this whole life. And he said he's never seen a starter. Stater was melted together as much as this one. What he said do not put this rebuilt starter onto the Jeep until you figure out what caused the started to go bad. Like, okay. That's that's the next thing you need to get. If you're a wiring guy, I've had stuff like that happen where I've had a wire get a bare spot and caused some issues to have some back feed. And yet you have something crazy going on and wiring and being being a mo- par product. Unfortunately, they do have a lot of wiring issues, but you need to get your best, buddy. It's a wiring experts was like, you know, your way around a car pretty well. And anytime I've had that happen that means there was something between the battery and starter or one of the regulators are one of the voters Bob of LA where it's got a bare wire, and it's a search and destroy mission and find it. Does that help you out? I say thanks for the call. We appreciate it. What real quick harassing? Why? They didn't Optima battery. I'm so glad you said that because that bothers me I think I think sometimes anytime you go into a part store, a young man behind the counter is trying to be cool, which I'm okay with to be that guy. Unites them want to sell the cool stuff. You want to open your hood and have the cool redtop battery, but you don't need those using a standard battery. But his case, he's got fog, lights and stuff. But he needs a shock that battery. It's AGM setting on the specialized chargers on a Optima batter because four gel modest water and acid like the old school. I knew that I needed special guests in the studio if you wanna talk about cars and taxes and other kinds of fun stuff. It is that season. Amy Hess joins a CPA owner r h w CPA's, Amy. How are you today? I'm great. How are you? Good. We're honored to have you on the program. And yes, it is that time of year when we start thinking about tax deadlines and our vehicles. I'm sure there's a bunch of new laws and things we hear the new good laws the ones that they changed and are going to take more of our money. I don't wanna hear about good ones with the good ones on good part of the new tax laws is all the tax brackets have been lowered about two to three percent. That's all I've heard that. That's awesome. I Dag on Trump..

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