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We are seeing some heavy traffic just before around 53 where we have a crash. The two left lanes are blocked on the westbound side of 19 0 eastbound delays to report, however, on the Edens Expressway were looking good in an outbound, the Kennedy on the in bound side. So from Washington into the burn interchange, the up outside so from Fullerton out to Belmont. Both directions on the Kennedy just 22 minutes between O'Hare and downtown 12 minutes back and forth from the evens the Eisenhower inbounds global, forcing Charles the tristate No outbound delays on 2 90 Stevenson mainline looking Okay, but the ramp to the inbound Dan Ryan packed in once again today, the Dan Ryan itself on the in bound side slow from 35th Roosevelt. Thea Pound Ryan is looking good on I 57. Inbound heavy past Volmer upto I 80. We have some moving roadwork in the right lane heading north bound on 57. Now the bishop Ford's okay, lakeshore Drive No north or South found issues. The tri state tollway north bound is heavy from the ether. I told positive before the mile Long bridge. That's what we have Roadwork in the left lane scheduled until three No South bound delays. The Jane Adams East publican, OK, but as I said, westbound before round 53 a crash in the two left lanes just getting reported Reagan and 3 35 Always good round 53 is clear. No, I 80 problems. 80 94 westbound. You're okay. East by 1994 slow before 65 to Central on I 65 itself and on the Indiana toll road. You're looking good in Schiller Park Mannheim north on his blocked Lawrence. Because of an overturned dump truck. It spilled. It slowed their Lawrence. Westbound blocked as well. So use River Road or Park as your alternates. Does have a crash in Gray's lake. It's blocking the intersection of Midlothian and Peterson. So I want to use right 83 or Winchesters alternates. They're pictures of that crash on Twitter at W B bm 7 80 Traffic traffic sponsored by Jewel Osco with great news that's just for you Get eight ounce signature farm spinach for 1/4 of fresh, boneless, skinless chicken breasts in value packs for 99 cents a pound. With just for you. Digital offers.

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