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Then too you know i shouldn't have to sing to me i just think that she was probably saying wine ottis got personality of somebody that i would want in my video and is a professional done when many emmys but you still pretty good now i did wonder who passed that they reach out to me kostas couldn't yeah yeah it has to be finally couldn't get joe buck so you see we can get the the you know jim patrick they're used to work at espn bob vardi pencilled in for an adel video later of the summer no no no no no bob's doing taylor swift elliot's if i have to pay nick i'm not going with you know the swifter the swift these donors ethinc too so bob geography little bob kostas is to taylor swift as you are to katy perry on letting liza like an sat question something like that you're sort of the katy perry of sportswear as bob is the tea swiss yes yes dude that's crazy leno you imagine being in that video know what that would do for katy perry man it'd be a off pitcher and that's what i wear i feel bad i'd like to help her out but statham stuck with you guys in new york next hard know yet keep it open right you got figure that out us cooper wings in new york city and you do a katy perry but none always told oldest big we got to go to new york in all the important people or blossoms earnings down and i'm going ok stead i could be out there two days and l a being treated like a king in a video where in a huge straw very costume or something yeah all be just as a big banana nabi a dolphin or something arroyo inchoate are for an hour then put you on the stage albilad golfing on the left or whatever it was them elegant like david bowie what does this have to do with i don't care that guy just like elton john and i 75 as listening temperature she can dress real however she wants to are all these little dogs doing running around the hell's halfpipe don't care what's his had to do with swish swish socially mr patrick just fire up the jet pack and hit go well here's your social trish all right so that.

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