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That. I'm not. I don't want to knock him because again, I think I think, Todd. I think he's been an excellent governor. I really do. And if he runs again, I will vote for him again. I really will. What if there's a better republished Dan Crenshaw once it runs, and then we'll have another another sexual You think of it. A Greg Abbott is Defeat a bill by a rock. Yes, he absolutely is, But I think on his own, he's been. He's been a really, really good governor. But I've also thought that he would be an excellent president, and some should be taken seriously as a presidential candidate. That is until last night. Until I show him at the podium. You just didn't see the gravy toss and a commanding presence. I think he was uncomfortable just being there by himself versus Front of an audience. I thinking too much about have done better. Maybe he's thinking too much about how to deliver a message, THX since he's trying to tap into that great Perry, that Texans think he overthought it. He overthought it last night, and I was like, Come on, break out of that break out of that any okay? I got you. I got it Did at the end there. Scott is on the tide of Don show this morning. Hey, Scott. God, they all doing that. All right. What's going on? Quick question since, uh should we at the state continue building the wall or that kind of done. It's not really our responsibility, is it? I mean, that's shouldn't be our It's a federal responsibility. But I hear what you say. Could we? I think we could, couldn't we You want to know what we know? It's not gonna be federal. No, I'm not gonna continue assault one on its way as a state. Good boat and continued building. Yeah, I don't know. Yeah, it sounds like you want to Scott. Yeah. I mean, wait till it worked. I'm down here and burn it. We had We lost 200 employees building thing. Yeah, on a lot of those guys were good, good friends of mine. That's just that's just one more reason. I would love it. The water continue. I got what you say. Let me let me a little bit more about that front. You're the first person I've actually heard even throw that out there. 51283605 90 toll free 8775905525 Today. Williamson County commissioners what time they get together right about now? Actually, they will be presenting an idea to delay the purchase of that second hotel in District six in Austin. You know this homeless hotel the mayor wants, and Greg Cason wants eyes in District six, Northwest Austin, the Candlewood Suites. It's in the city of Boston proper, but it's also in what do you Said County and Williamson County was never included in the discussions on this. It snuck up on what I am saying County. Yeah, which is unthinkable to me that our City Council wouldn't wouldn't consider that they know they've been considering this for about a year and a half. That's right. That's right behind closed doors. They either chose to ignore it, or they really didn't know the actual situation there. And if they didn't know the actual situation, that's that's kind of That's really unfortunate. Well that zone into the way it's unfortunate Williamson County commissioners today may vote to delay the purchase of that hotel 180 days, and it's just a request. I don't think they can actually stop them unless they follow lawsuit. If you think about it, the city of Boston is taking that off the tax rolls for Williamson County as well. Well, um I again? I hear by hotel and I just go dead inside because I don't know what that means. I don't know what what? What The result of that is going to be We don't have any. They provided. No examples of that. I should not. Should not have to go try to find those myself. They should come to us and say Here's what we did. Here's what we accomplished and here's how we did it, and here's what we're doing going forward, and this is how we will reach the goal goal for it's just we buy. We bought hotels, and they expect all of us ago. Thank God God, I think there is a nor there's an element out there that they think now that we bought a hotel. All of the people they get sent to that hotel are gonna be on the path to success and independence in a job and you know, buying a car and buying a home And that's just not the case. No. And these these to change these people situation. First of all it has they gotta want to change inside unless there so mentally ill that they think their situation right now is perfect. Uh, it's long term man. It's not just a week or two and a hotel and they'll get some therapy here in there and maybe a handful of pills to I don't know and expect things to change its along to this. It's got to be a long term thing. Listen, the Biden administration wants a $1.9 trillion stimulus package. The Republicans are proposing a 6 $618 billion package, and, uh And we'll update you on all of that. 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