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By obviously, you know, you need your Centerman be doing that. In most nights. He is. I think when he's really digging digging down low in our own end, it just leads more offense for us. He's such a special talent that when he gets going. It's his complete game really really takes born either another level as Josh family, the longest tenured islander in his eleven th year in the blue and orange assists for him in the British six games coming into this contest. The system. With a new twenty six left, and there's Beauvilliers getting double shifted here on an extra line with Phil and comrade in a spot that Ross Johnston is occupied promote to the game out for the Rangers over the line Dangelo drop pursue Carello at left point. But he couldn't settle it down. Now passes disadvantage out on the left wing corner. Feels advantage. I've got it. Back zuccarello in the high slot left in the net. Quick Janssen, Leonard steals. Up to Kreider tried no rebound. Eight fifty three to go in the third still tied at one the only red lights today billion for the odds for the Rangers. Both in the middle frames Robin liner that weight against the Rangers to us ago. The first for him. Since he was a member of the Ottawa Senators fits fourteen so four and a half years which wins against the Rangers. He was oh four in that stretch with one loss coming as a member of the islanders arrest. Sabers senators Leonard readies for a face off to his rights physique is wins. It cleanly back behind his net the tape and the islanders are out of their own and on the passed the Senate, but it overshot Casey Zeke is the Rangers stall now to the Angelo and out of stall left-wing center took the bump from Zeke is put it in deep Linda behind his net McClay to the near corner. Got Jews jab, but not mcquaid it right point is dumping though, blocked by quarterback and out to the ranger line. Where stall got there ahead of Matt Martin says he cast will back it up to Ireland rice tapes pushes to every right wing of the red line Jordan sitting on one hundred ninety nine career goals coming into today's game ever leave behind the ranger net. Working hard is the islanders kings behind that dumping and ever leave. Still has the puck year down the league wide open jokes the puck in a body in front rebounds, Feazel left of the net. And he didn't get anything on it. It ends up on mcquaid. Stick panty hoisted high in the air to the Oliver lines bouncing on on that rebound. So that's why I didn't get much effort. Here's Everley down the right wing wall. Again, deepen ranger ice. For Brock Nelson in the left corner. The Angelo pizza it get some help them. Yes. We're foster put it behind the net for Brady shea and a work farside out of his own end long cross ice feet too far for fath-. Will it be nice? And no as get there together and locked up right wing corner. Islanders incomes Nelson. The move it to the far side Mayfield off the boards forever leaf chipping away at cinema club down by the Rangers looked like it was off side. They let it go Brady shea shoot. From the left circle knocked down by letter Shays on rebound from the right point incendiary feed letter. The say Brock Nelson tearfully toxic back under his netminder to get the whistle. Still a one game seven twenty to play in regulation scary moment there for the outer says it's a week shot. But still comes in off the stick of foster deflected by an order onto their own netminder better. Brady shaky from the puck in Parsi, blue eyed. Vendors right there. I thought it was going to be called offside at first as well. But the linesmen was just a couple of feet away. So we have the best year of anybody. Play alive. The right circle things off to the left of Robin, Leonard. How wins it away from Bailey? And the Rangers are in possession. The Angelo at right point plays it into the near corner for visi, but he overshot I'm not allowed to swing at farside bars. L never received the past though as a pinching shattenkirk stole that islanders. Get it. Back and quickly mobility through center left wing over the ranger blue poked off his stick. Go now out there with his usual. Linemates boys. Ellen Bailey has that first line goes to work billionaire right corner. Devore's L left corner. Shattenkirk beat him to it. What out to the blue line Lettie had to back up to the neutral zone and not allow the Rangers to clear their own end, the mess niqab center behind the net. Slowed down by Leonard farside now for boy, Chuck and Johnny stick handles center. Got the red line cross corner. Dump left corner ranger zone of on it. They're trying to chip it versus but broken up by mcquaid inbetween Zeke, Tom rob left corner. Mcquaid for the Rangers. Trying to get it out in the blue shirts Wilson that all the way to islander right? This time we seek to Centerman on the ice around the Ross Johnston. It's Casey Zeke is. Calmer off connection that are always. A quick try their right of the paint paternal side by Robin. Leonard has reproaching six minutes to go in the third. It's a one one game. Don't blah in his own end cross ice this Zeke is right wing over the ranger line. He's got camera driving the net. Casey goes to speed of the trailer and Luca has it in the left wing corner. States it out to the blue line tried to drop it off intercepted by hand. And he'll send it back to center ice in front of the benches. The Rangers Senate in Deepa, forty McLeod stick, and they will work off wholesale chain Kalac in front of his own net. Starts the breakout giving his way through center chip throughout the near boards. Forever Lee who touches it left corner. Ranger zone. Nelson is up there with stall. And as Lee hasn't been the trapezoid le- left corner backs. It point. Save. Scott that as well too huge saved by Alexander Georgiev to keep it one one Nelson. The New York Rangers state at the center shattenkirk over the red right side down the slot. Spider bust rolled off his stick puts it on goal. Stick that play by Robin letter. And we'll take our final time out. I tend to go in the third in Brooklyn for Rangers won the islanders one. You're listening to New York. Islanders hockey on the islanders radio network..

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