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You can join the part of the show at any point, and they'll give you your their their fantasy in point on how your lineup should maybe look or who you should maybe pick for a gay team league or something like that. I know that, uh, Mikey 18 League. Got a little bit of a nice little boost from Chris Godwin on Thursday night. Corey is nodding his head back there. It's funny, Corey because while I was rooting like I've been, I've been five fantasy leagues and a Survivor league and this is my first year doing survival leagues, but I'm in five fantasy leagues. And the guillotine lead the W G R G T lean that Jeremy runs is the one that I'm always like Most invested in because, like you want to be the last one standing in a guillotine lead. You want to have that that bragging right in the past few years generally want to be the one operating right? Right. Historically, speaking in the past two years, I've actually finished fourth in the game Team league. So like I'm really invested every single week in my GT league, and I feel kind of bad because I feel like then at that point, I'm neglecting my other teams. So I'm rooting for Chris. God and I'm like, Yeah. Get the ball to Chris Godwin, Get the ball to him Touched down. There we go. I was upset about his fumbling in the game. But I was sleeping at that point, so I didn't really know I had to get here You get I got to half time. I got to have time before I had to go to bed and be here early in the morning the next day. So, um, out in the neighborhood about like, 10 o'clock? Yeah, but as far as I got, Yeah, yeah. I was watching. All through halftime rooting for Chris Godwin, and I'm looking at my other teams after a little bit, and I'm just like, all right, I guess I should check and see how my other teams are doing. I was facing Chris Godwin and three other leagues. Listen, it wouldn't have too many leagues and you're invested into many spots. It's just gonna be like you're going to be playing against. You're going to be playing yourself like this is why you got to tighten it up. I know like everybody loves to have 15 different leagues. But no, that's you got your money and way too many different pots, right? No, no, I mean, like, I'm I'm not like I'm not like my show bikes. Mike Scott. Like what? Was it somewhere in like the high teens Lower twenties for fantasy leagues at at one point. I can't remember how many He was in last year, let alone I don't know how many is in this year. National figure in fantasy sports might show my show. Yeah, yeah, he does. Sell the Vegas He was out in Vegas this week, Right right in the command center for fantasy sports. So Mike is it is heavily heavily invested in fantasy. Football. He writes fantasy football stuff for our website. Quite often, You can check it out at w g r 5 50 dot com Anything that he's written in the past. And and he's got plenty coming up later on down the road, but I'm in five. I've limited myself to five. And then, uh, we did it. We just decided to do a Survivor league just this past week where it's just, like, all right. It's more of like a family survival e got. You know, we got 15 16. People were just like, all right, Let's just have fun with the Survivor League inside the family. Let's do that. And Um yeah, so I was having But again, I feel like I'm neglecting my other teams. While I'm like watching my guillotine league Super heavily because I really don't like my guillotine League this year. I don't like my team. I didn't like my team after I drafted him, however, Corey, I do have to say I did pick up Tyson Williams as, uh, as a guy that I was just like I'm out of running back options here. Who the heck am I gonna pick as my second running? Well, great news guy suffered a debilitating injury in front of him. Uh, not not just one guy, not just two guys. Three guys in front of Tyson Williams suffered season ending injuries, uh, for the Ravens. So now Jayson Williams pretty much You're starting running back along with Latavius Murray and Devonta Freeman and Levian Bell, and I think that there's a chance Levian Bell is not going to play the Sunday bringing back all the old Favorites, but I mean, you would think that Tyson Tyson Williams is probably going to get the start because he's been with the Ravens since the start of the season because he's not collecting Social Security. Well, I mean, Latavius Murray. I mean, has to get up to up to par with the offense and so does Devonta. Freeman. So Tyson Williams Fine. Like I kind of lucked out there but run that way. Yeah, see the where the that were the and just and just don't hurt yourself and see the guys in the other colors. Don't let him get you. Yeah, So, so I'm heavily invested in my guillotine league, and then I feel like I'm neglecting my other teams. But anyway, I have one fantasy team and this is the first time I've played fantasy sports in 10 years. All right. So like I am coming back into the fold after not doing it for very long time, So I I find all of this kind of stuff very amusing to see how complicated people have made their lives so so back to my original point here is that Anyway, Uh, Derek and Lou, if you have any questions for them with breakfast with the Bills, fantasy style. Those are the people you want to talk to. Tomorrow morning at seven o'clock, um, in calling, texting tweeting with your thoughts and your questions..

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