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But also, you know, there's so much research behind it. So it was brilliant rate. Soc was already attached she'd been attached to the project. I think seven years before they showed it, and I love her already. I I'd met a, you know, personally before and love to work. So that was a big reason to make me want to do it. And then I met Josie who's incredibly, you know, well known in the theater world and a brilliant director in heroin, right? And this is her first feature film, but she was just weak at the minute. I met her. She was RAD social Brad, the scripts rat. I was like I really want to do it. But I just I I can't play Elizabeth I conflict Queen Elizabeth the I know why did you say she's being played by so many of my absolute heroes in the acting world. And I just it wasn't just. That it wasn't just being scared of China redo, something that other people had done it. I just didn't think I'd had anything in common with her. I was like who am I to play a Queen? I'm not classically trained. You know, I kind of learned on the job and everything else. I've kind of you know, I I always work on the side online coaching, and I do courses, and I do all that kind of stuff, but I never went to university. I don't have a master's degree. I don't know anything about the time period. Like, I I must skip class. I guess in the days when we went about the since period because I knew very little about that. I don't really deserve it to be honest. I feel like there's so many other actors out that who does this role than I do. And and I play quaint. I just can't change your mind. Josie. Did she wrote, you know, beautiful long letter? And she said to me like, I don't want you to I expressed those thoughts and my reasons for being so hesitant. And she said, you have I don't want you to play Queen like, I 'cause I sat outside cannot be honest thing why why me like what he want me to do it. And she's like because I don't want. I don't want someone to play acquaint. I want someone to play a woman a young woman. And then then that kind of changed my mind. I was like, oh, okay. Well, if you show that that's what you want. I can give you that. I know it can deliver that so. Yeah. And from that point on she she kind of gave me the entire educational process of learning about the time period and getting spent time with John guy, who's an incredible historian. But also wrote a book that bode based the script on. So I got to spend a lot of time with him. We'd go to Hampton Court palace with you know, Elizabeth spent time and really learn about, you know, the inner workings of a politics at that time. But also just. So life, and what she would have gone through up until the point. Will we see on screen, which is a lot? Yeah. Had dad killed her. Mom. She has sister. Put her in prison tried to have her killed. I mean, childhood trauma that on pack. So what do you think it is about her because you're not the only one who may have missed that day in class? Yeah. I mean that has keeps actors coming back to tell the story of this Queen. Why is she such a fascinating character? Once you got to know her. She is fascinating. Because she she rebranded the role of acquaint, and she did it in a very clever way. She was the first person to really franchise image and have that kind of brand perception that I guess seems like a very current thing that you know, she was doing it back, then she would send out, you know, needlepoint templates of her face. So that people could stitch at home and have it, you know, she rebranded herself as the virgin queens. So that she wouldn't have to get married getting married meant handing over you'll powder. Another man getting married meant you'd have to deliver a male ever shortly afterwards. And if you want like a mom didn't maybe a life was in danger because of that, so she she was very clever and taking the route of not getting married and announced that she was married to England, and she was virgin Queen and that was her image because she was a Protestant on the flip side..

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