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Mike's most provocative tweets. Yeah i was open. I am free agency. Hot takes or something like that. I'll i tweet about football. That's for the birds. Well i do have your cereal tweet in here. So we'll we'll get into that from national cereal day a few weeks ago but on march fifteenth you wrote free agent menzi. Am i right s and it's a good tweet. That is a good tweet. Provocative of here's march seventeenth. Now this one this one. I like cardinals. Trading for raiders. Center rodney hudson. So you like that. Yeah because that was a follow up to re right before that in the day we had signed. Aj green and we were a very divided office on on aj green coming into town of like it's hard to spin aj green as positive of you. The statistics like look at the beginning. You know all. He was getting all area arts. He was receiving all. But look at all these uncatchable targets that. At green was receiving okay. Well at a point. Was it aged. Greens fault that these were not catchable targets because everyone else on the team seemed to be able to get open and do well with joe burrow's oh that's We were very pump for rodney. Hunts hudson after eight green kind of left me scratching my head out of the fantasy angle though. If you just look at it from a cardinal's fan perspective did you like the green signing or was that while you were just talking about. I don't. I don't like really fantasy. And i don't like it for arizona. I mean look he he could still have it maybe a year back after getting back into football shape it could work out but this this feels like a classic arizona. Bring in in in old old veteran..

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