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Broken might happen in Williamsburg bridges are okay farther east is always see on long island's big three everything clear on the other line northern state and southern state parkway as an alternate side of the street parking rules are suspended today because of the weather but the minerals remain in effect I'm Russ Meyer next port three thirty one on ten ten wins wins news time three twenty two well we've got winter weather advisories and warnings and such and all sorts of things we need to know about what is a hand for us over the next several hours making his money today tens and ones accu weather meteorologist Carol but instinct lane that money well it's coming up soon as well our snow in the city of there's going to be about another eight to ten hours before the snow gets going in earnest now you're well aware of course we've had some wind in the in which we make yesterday that change to rain it's currently in the upper thirties and will probably peak in the low forties at some point this morning with more rain headed our way in the city but were colder air remains locked in well north and west still some issues involving freezing rain someone was close by is of Passaic I and also we northern Westchester in orange county's hive to rain getting snow so as our low pressure system located near the coast begins to intensify to pull cold air down from the north the north west by midday early this afternoon we'll see the ice and rain change to snow and winter weather advisory for the city begins at eleven AM that's important bear in mind snow will not impact this morning's commute but it should this afternoon before the storm is over expecting a general one to three inches slushy and slippery conditions on roads and sidewalks by early tonight in the city three to six inches near I two eighty seven even more north and west but the storm will be winding down late tonight and early tomorrow late thank you Carole die Indian Chris well as New York city's OEM commissioner she says preparations are well under way to deal with the snow queen and buying down on the road we have clouds ready to go so they can begin plowing one now does hit and we pre treated the bridges and tunnels and so I think right now the city has taken a lot of really proactive steps to make sure that we are ready when the snow does start falling plug it into ten ten wins for all you need to know about this weather situation wins news time three twenty four the domestic dispute turned into a deadly standoff with police in Secaucus happened Sunday night normally very quiet area of harming cove condos police were called to see I'll key around six residents report hearing dozens of gun shots as an armed man hold himself up in that condo no officers injured there was a massive police presence there Hudson county swat team on hand in Jersey city police as well no word yet on.

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