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Use sort of the tools that snapchat has now the reason that worries me is because right now bit mogi is a pretty open platform you can use the app as a keyboard or also an i message apt to be able to share those movies with people and i use it all the time i think it's fantastic i know renee likes it and like i talked to my family and friends using moji what i worry about is that vein will want people to integrate with their integration and therefore the bit mode and maybe the keyboard and things like that could disappear that makes me sad the cool thing though is that snapchat has this really awesome feature where when you're talking to someone else it will actually generate bit mo jeez of both of your characters and so it shows them sort of interacting and that's a lot of fun and if we could see that in other apps i think that would be interesting but not for the exchange that takes place with snapchat having more access to my usage and for nation and things like that so any less thoughts on that christina yeah i mean i'm basically going to kind of echo would everyone else said especially at the dan and remain you to michael all kind of nailed it i would also say i feel like this is a little bit too little too late especially from a depth standpoint fill like the time to take advantage or i guess to risk having your business in rhode by snaps decisions to use their log in and use their social graph was before the redesign and before some of their stumbles when beat before instagram's stories really kind of took over now i'm not really sure what you can gain from it especially as dan was saying the audience at selfish fickle and i think from user perspective i don't know what value i would see in something integrating with this i mean it could be cool and theory i guess to able to use the lens's and maybe some other apps but i don't know if that would be worth either trustee my data to that bias sap shadow.

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