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Red patti petty is listening to us it looks all the florida turnpike's on our affiliate out of her nandal county uh up on your wildwood patty you're on schnitt what's the issue traffic wise yeah i tatty go ahead i am on forty four in wildwood florida i just wanted to say i bring bureau on ninety five and it went completely clear and there is in fact ability to act and everything over there but when you get anywhere around a turnpike completely crop drop like acted and put all over the place people are good heading here you know wanted tiger and somehow encourage you day ninety five in at the turnpike so you're saying stay on the east coast and don't move over to the central part of the story in my opinion artery not guilty plea going up the turnpike where you're on my heart junction in fort pierre throwing up to orlando would not predict arab they don't have it and people are online pro ever away and by grown way to pick up my mater and i'm like oh i'm gonna take 95 back and i'm glad i did but i am on party or are you like it might get two twomile dredge getting over to the highway because of the turnpike and like everything around the turnpike.

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