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Accelerating out to center ice this isn't for plot short past rated point point a password allows skate involved back the lighting and in a lady they've had a really successful power play this year but when their power play has struggle a lot of times it's been on entering the zone exactly point will dump it in here from center ice parking the hard around okay dot O. nobody were down the ice once more I committed the cardinal sin fill at a snack at the intermission the whole staff my throat well usually the you while not a soft pretzel hard alright Sir really out to center ice will please pass surly don't student use after the point five at each could drop by the debt with the back had been right point right circle could drop by for Victor Hedman centerpoint these open right we could drop shoots blocked in front my admitted that stung and he's down on the ice block the meantime right point could drop centerpoint had been admitted looking to hang in there he's back at his skates puck rabbi past you could clear building could drop right circle slipped the thought of what had been left little stamp go shoot the puck wide right bye plot waiting old age drop right point thirty two in the penalty shoot they made a rubber stamp response circle love circle thoroughly lapointe had been right circle it's could drop a little feet the rally in front ms handle it got knocked off his stick install will dump it down the near side only to the ice that's unfortunate because the blade units of opportunities there your circuits have only a few seconds left in the penalty eight to be exact the final rush out to center ice drops it off for Gordy's okay sticking his neck shift on the power play any chord speeding up the right wing at the red light don't sit in a case in the penalty is up for the right point shot colonel Lawrie left point circuit jeopardy had to be aware of begin coming out of the box to begin a steal from art attack forget across the blood right circle begin shoots a maid macaroni re bad is going to skip the near boards maroon is after it leaving for Johnson Tyler Johnson turns with it and zips it out of the zone Dougie Hamilton will get it again punch it in a magical and three nothing the hurricanes lead early in the second Shattenkirk want toss gore writer to stick to the right wing cross blood right circle better quote mood a one time of love circle wide left could set a good finish table teravainen tracks the puck to the near corner and peels back up a little table terrified of the Centauri circle cross the blood right point I hope work in a two point I'd already a puppet finalizing that it's gonna be tracked down my turn I can turn back don't sit down the ice is maybe an icing what's called a boy close he looked like he was in the process of winning the race from being reinstate that they blow it did for the eyes of radically twenty five.

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