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Question stephen smith laugh at you right now you ready however yes if tom brady wins his 6th ball can you make the case we can move on from the greatest quarterback of all time label because that's kind of done is locked in a new can you ask the question is brady in the conversation with michael jordan as the greatest team athlete of all time he will have six super bowls and appeared in eight michael jordan would have six titles and appeared in stick her we forgetting about bill russell i guess i'm saying modern era maybe go russell kind of an island of himself luca what i know they're different athletes what they do and i'm not comparing them as physical ability athletes but that's where people will side with jordan because we don't consider brady a great athlete right but as as talking resume successful career as if you take away what they physically do for a living roger clemens wasn't a great athlete then he just good and through ball is right arm no clemens that takes athleticism yes yeah you gotta you level of running and jumping and brady doesn't throw it further harder done run faster didn't do anything i don't think he singled out athletically his position but i understand what you're saying you're great talking about the most decorated team athlete yes bill russell won eleven titles anyone in olympic medal and the effort i think you'll have to factor in that's not take anything away from brady but you got one of five players out there do playing offense and defense first one of eleven out there if you want to count 22 offense and defense brady's might even out there for.

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