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Watch. My name is Chris Ryan, I'm Ed or at the rear dot com and Jordan me in the studio. Courtesy of giants milk. It's here degree. I just got a coffee here beautiful sunset studios. Did you say ad giants milk? Will they only have? This is a pet. Peeve of mine. They only have half and half and like almond milk on your slate. I want that. Sure. Flowing giant milk ID Dietrich oatmeal. No because I had that. And I have to say, yeah. That tastes like barn. Barn art straight barn. When you walk into a bar, and you're like, I get what's going on here. These if these walls could talk. I don't know. When's the last time I walked into a bar? That's what everyone's asking cry walks into a barn is my sitcom Chris haute Spain guys we're really excited for couple reasons reason number one leg room. Thrones reason number two Chris today is wearing such a great ensemble. He's wearing a shirt that I couldn't pull off, but apparently have already discussed that on the pod bright colors, but he's also wearing like a Frenchman's working jacket lights on a yellow vest, though is not not just looks like he's going to leave here. Walk into his barn. His easel. And just ponder you. Great. The weird thing about what I'm doing today. If shack it. Yeah. But it's thinner. It's your lighter than the shirt, I'm wearing is that, but that's not how it's supposed to work, and I had a stood in front of the mirror for a minute. This morning drinking milk. Let let foam down near beard torment change because it got milk all over my my top. No. I just doesn't understand the mechanics of whether or not it's okay to have a later. Yeah. Shack it over a heavier shirt. It's sixty degrees. You can go any it's going to be a few minutes to take all off. Anyway, we're just stalling because here's the real thing. Chris. I'm so happy game of thrones is good. I was worried last week is you were I thought you got unfairly dunked on roasted maligned marinated in a rule of oath milk by people. I thought that you were fair, fair, but balanced. Swertz sense. Oh, good together. But after watching the second. Yeah, I episode like you're like, oh, okay. Like, this is what it's really got going for. This is what this show can be last night was a tremendous hall of fame episode of game of thrones. I loved it. I loved all of it. And and look I think it's really interesting to compare to the first week because both weeks were essentially through clearing. You know, if you if you think of television as I don't is zero sum plot game, right? It was rearranging chess pieces throw clearing setting up for what probably will be arguably. Or in arguably, the most insane our plus of television of this era of television on ever. And that said though, it was so much better across the board. And maybe this is one of those things where you know, we are I can't tell for out of the habit or forgetting spoiled in terms of reviewing TV week to week the way we used to. I don't know if you can get an episode like night of the seven kingdoms without. Cavaco Ville winter fell. Yeah. So I would actually I let me throw this at you. Okay. What if they're supposed to be the same upside? Well, they were blocked shot. They had the same director. Yeah. And cog Monroe to Dave hill route one, but given what we had heard earlier on about like, the different ways that they were conceiving of this last season and the possibility of it being three movies or something like that. Right. I think if you look at winner fell and seven kingdoms together, they form a pretty complementary piece. I think that's right..

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