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The reality star to seeking and they let their imagination get ahead of them and they started to say what if he comes they can picture it picture it yeah man and this situation if he doesn't come to ask you a question it's to lebron let me answer for the branca's he's the subject to the and it's like okay i'll it before y'all burma jerseys y'all mad at me when i come to la y'all bumi at the free throw line which i hope doesn't pierce through to lebron maybe it does but it shouldn't he's been there before the laker fans out here throwing paper at in a gunfight throwing paper spit ball in a gunfight nothing you can do nothing you can do whatever you want which is going to be futile efforts and we just move on with young core let's get back to a more positive speculative mode okay yeah he's having it because i do think it's going to be awkward at first when lebron incredibly exciting but it's going to be awkward because i court yes that's the word the people that are laker people koby people are going to they can't reconcile in their brains that lebron is here and part of this now i think you'll still be right right up until he starts to do what he does and then it'll go away like that yeah but the okay man but you better they're going to be holding onto the kids they're gonna holding onto the legacy of kobe magic and you're not part of this yet until you do this i think there were ception will be overwhelmingly positive but i think there's going to be an element of all right now show me which is the dumbest thing ever because it's lebron james okay i got to answer this one and my father's tone of voice as i grew up many times out coming to house daddy.

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