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Eight hundred million tons of cocaine what how much would that cost? So he said he testified today that a kilo of cocaine back then was wearing. Two thousand dollars in Columbia. Once it got to LA he said that it it was up to twenty five dollars. Got it can reach forty dollars. So I mean, that's my country. This is an an uncountable billions and billions of dollars that these guys were hauling it. Yeah. Yeah. It's it's it's really crazy. Crazy. So that I saw a story that Martinez said that El Chapo ordered ten million dollars in bribes to be paid to police commanders. Yes. So we heard about today about. He was the chief of police Mexican city. You know, what I most powerful law enforcement of our country. Troppo Milosevic friends and very intelligent police officer. Pretty. Receive two or three. Okay. You can fry payments of ten million dollars each. We'll talk. Give us any medications against hammer. People information on enemy, and she was looking for like say hiding. The brothers my turf war began so just like person behind puddles. The eight hundred thousand tons of cocaine times, whatever it was being sold for that. You went through. I mean there was money to bribe everyone in power from the president of Mexico on down to a local beat cop. Right, right. And they and they themselves walked away with billions of dollars. I mean, there's nothing like it in the world. It seems like the machine that the that the drug culture in Mexico produces it's truly truly like on top of bowling. Today. They lost. To explain cartel. Where can you sitting around like a corporation? At the end of the nineteen eighties. Shuffle twenty to twenty five people and by ninety two two hundred pilots top like a pre something secretaries. You know? He it's really unbelievable. Scope of it is just how big this was. Involved while it also shows you how silly futile the US drug war was. There's no way that our law enforcement can compete with that. No, no. It was absolutely. In regard. Yeah. It's we're expecting a lot more. He continues. Tomorrow is expecting. He didn't even take. Two hours. To get it. All. Right. So there's gonna be a lot more tomorrow chapels dinner doing all this today. Pretty. He did not take his eyes. And he looks. Quite kind of hungry. But I think it's kind of a. I can't believe you're here today. He hasn't seen him since nineteen ninety four was it the dose. Yes. There was the desk fair. Yeah. That's that's a good way to put it in. Like. I don't. Today for sure. Eighteen. I'll be believed that. Of the. Of course, three seconds to find out more about his cooperation with the government and the terms of off. Very the. You've called nervously today. One more thing El Chapo, his wife got spanked by the judge for bringing her soon. She she got a light on the rest of the government. Heavy. I'm only three take list they're seeking to limit the defensive rating. She also requesting the metal detectors game video cell phone. Reporters is off as well. Glad go Michigan. I guess she. She learns a finger to. Molly. We appreciate your report. We'll probably hear from you tomorrow. Yeah. Molly crane Newman, new York Daily News reported the latest in the El Chapo trial that drug kingpin in Brooklyn, New York. And again, you can see the prosecution by using witnesses at work with El Chapo, laying out how the whole operation worked it just laying the framework even the foundation for the bigger case against the for all all the idiots and riffraff in this country that likes to snort cocaine up their nose inject heroin meth smoke marijuana. Nice billions and billions and billions of dollars coming up up your nose.

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