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And they sell out every game. Don't they? They don't think probably get like thirty percent capacity every game and twenty eight percent of it's gotta be the away team because everyone's just there on vacation and I travel with the team up to trap here. And I don't understand why they don't even have a retractable roof in Florida. I know I know you gotta protect from some natural disaster. Not they brutally hot in the summer in Florida. It is one hundred degrees at same reason. Arizona has a track Miami Miami's, but it should be retractable because you're going to get some really nice days out in Florida. I mean, I know it's going to get into tripled. It is going to be some really hot days names are gorgeous. Yeah. You should you should be able to have the option to open or close the roof down in Florida. I mean, come on. It's definitely not visually appealing. Yeah. And you always got TV. It's terrible. Yeah. On the catwalk is is disgusting. Yeah. When he played with the tires like four balls at the cat. She's going to mention that you get those high fly balls like off the catwalk. I mean, there's the stingrays out in the outfield. That's the only thing you you ever see like when you're watching the Tigers play the race. For example, you know, cutback in between innings or show, you know, whoever's reporting down by the stingrays because that's all really there is to show in Tampa. You know, you guys are too young for this one. But I've been to tiger stadium. Okay. I may have been six months old. Was there? And I just remember all man what a day that was Bobby Higginson on three for four cat. I was a baby. I'm sorry. Colleague shoemaker. She has a thought on this as well. And she wants to make it clear. This is actually Colleen shoemaker Mike shoemaker, you're not taking your wife's account this week. That is good. Okay. What do you have to say? Colleen I like progressive, but it will always be Jacob fields Jacobs Field to me, excuse me. Hey, that's the former name of what is now known as progressive field. You see the next to this is truly Colleen that is what I said. I mean are we buying? It though is my question. Yeah. Why not? Yeah. I'm buying that. I just wanted to make sure there was no sarcasm in that. I believe it. I'm not buying it. That's my that's my shoemaker come on now. All right. We got a little two to one vote in favor of Colleen on this one. Thank you for the comment. There are lines have been drives. We gotta get some callers in here. We got the number eight hundred nine two three nine three eight five that's eight hundred three nine three eight five. Come on, folks. What's the ugliest ballpark bet you what's the best ballpark that she bed to the time sides bring a weird here tonight. But next week will be from seven to nine PM. The Wayne State warriors had a huge win some problems with the the system back here at work. Yeah. But it's just another day at the office. Folks. We'll be back at seven o'clock next week. We got about fifteen minutes to get your phone calls at your comments on Facebook Miami's disgusting to Sam would beg to differ. I agree. I thought how could you think Miami check ballpark? I know. I didn't I didn't like the experience in Miami. But I think it would have been better if they opened the roof up I let let some sunlight into their. They got a lot of things to block a with it wasn't too hot outside. So you like the disgusting. Whatever. Often flying like that. But I know I hate the telling me like that. Where would you make it in your top five? Just. Offended nine ish. Ballparks? I would say, yeah. It'd probably falls around five. And I mean, I I think target field is my least favorite that I've been to so get your least beautiful. I think I think it was a nice stadium. But I just there's nothing about it that really caught my eye, and I'm looking at I'm looking at this website right here, saying ten parks to avoid at all costs number time was Comerica park. Yeah. Well, client number nine minute maid park. Okay. Well, there's no extractions around the what like the angel stadium at number eight new these are all ones we mentioned. Yeah. This evan. There's model. Okay park. What is this a circuit other source? I don't know if this is by some of these are correct though, I will say Roger center Luc bender Roger centre-right every every stadium. That's got a retractable roof is gross. A given. Yeah. Guys. We we forgot big one. We forgot go White Sox stadium guaranteed rate field. I'm so used to sell your aggressor. They're moving out of their ballpark. I believe you're shortly. Good. I've heard things about it. I can't speak on personally. So I don't know. Maybe Ben there, Luke I was there back in. I believe two thousand seven with during the, you know, Paul kinetico AJ Brzezinski era. That was some good White Sox won the World Series. No five. Right. So you you caught them in the right era too. And it was still bad. So that means the ballpark must be truly terrible. By the way, we can confirm. Actually, we can't confirm, but this is truly Colleen that is from Cali shoemaker, and she says she likes the food at progressive field. So I'll take I'll take your word for it. And she also says Miami field is bad. I don't know. I don't believe it's called Miami field. But we know we know what you mean. Yeah. I agree. Luke agrees Sam you are wrong. That is final. Horrible to oh, they have done so many terrible things. The city of Miami. Is completely turned on that team that Derek Jeter first ballot hall of Famer, and then you've got whore. Hey Posada as well joining as right had. So you'd expect those two great big baseball mindset, you know, turn the organization around. But that's what happens when you give a guy a ten plus your contract. I know that they got rich dad, but there's really nothing to cheer for Miami sports. Besides Wade county, but he's gone after this year. So what what's the attraction of Miami sports, besides the beach, not much, but speaking of Wade county, the pistons have opened up a huge lead. I didn't get it is one zero seven to eighty four all the sudden huge huge ballgame. So the pistons picking up a Jain Norma's when I don't wanna speak too soon, but pretty sizable lead with six minutes. It's not over yet. I shouldn't have said that now the pistons will lose because I said that but and what's the best interaction with a with a baseball player. That you've had another. We always like to arrive at the the, you know, the gates early. Get the catch some BP Mike shoemaker's a huge fan of BP likes to get to the ball game early. Or he he got me hooked on to he flies around the outfield seats trying to catch a ball for Tom. He no, he always take. I remember he took three separate foul balls away from a kid. No kidding. Yeah. And all caught me my first fall ball. So I always will be thankful for that one. He Michael caught it. He caught it with his bare hand and handed it to me and I ducked out of the way like a little kid that I was that's really likes to make you believe that was a hot shot off the bat of Michael young. It was it really was it was a seed. It was seen. Also, just before we get completely away from the NBA talk nuts. One seventeen Hornets one fifteen. Final. Yes final. So right now, if the pistons gonna hang on there the seven seed in the east. Yeah. And they don't lose a traction on the Brooklyn Brooklyn either. So that's a big win. Yeah. In the nets were down for a lot of that fourth quarter. I thought the Hornets started to pull away a little bit. So it's great to see the nets came back and won that one. But best interaction with a baseball player. You know, our our our parents and their friends with Andy Dirks, he's a really nice guy on the field though. I know I know Luke has a few story. I haven't had a ton of on field ones. I mean, I've gotten some some signatures. You know, some autographs megi come on. What did I meet? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I got I got a picture with him. And he said he said, hi. But it. It was really cool to meet the guy, obviously. But I didn't get a great interaction with him. I think I was actually with you, Luke. The Terry Francona the manager of the Indians. I don't know if you remember that one he he he didn't want to be out. There didn't want sign on that kid hit. Terry was real about three packs of shoe on his right cheek as well as. Yeah. That was really a funny interaction. But yeah, I don't have really a memorable one on the field. But Andy Dirks, obviously Tommy had a really special connection with Brandon engine back when he had his heart transplant was that two thousand nine and I got to meet him a couple of times through Tommy. And he was a great guy. But not really any significant on the field. Once for me. What about the one of Miami? Where was it you or was it me? I honestly forgot we were yelling out. I believe it was a center fielder for the Marlins. We're we're talking about Anthony ghosts was out there talking to Anthony goes I do remember that at the end of the where we screaming out a player diff- Marcella zone. Yes. Marcello zuma. We were yelling at the top of our lungs at poor Marcel Osuna, he's he's putting up some big numbers now in Saint Louis. I believe I don't feel too bad for Marcello soon. I'm sure he he's doing just fine for himself. But that that was a pretty good one as well. Yes. So Matt Candela face. That's what's going on. Big time. You know, he taught me the game of bowling. I if you're listening audience, you're laughing at the game, a bowling think again. Because who do you think you are? I am is the famous quote from Boeing Pete Weber famous bowler from the PVA championship. Luke signed Carlos Carrasco is love it was actually Danny Salazar for the Cleveland Indians. Here's a funny story. I'm telling you this is my sophomore year in high school again about four foot four five. Yup. If I if I looked like a normal sophomore in high school players will give you the time of day. So I use it to my advantage. Okay..

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